Monday, 30 December 2013

Bye bye 2013.. and Welcome 2014!

Bye bye 2013..

It has been such a great year and major milestone for my baby.. And I am so grateful with all of it...Alhamdulilah syukur sangat di beri peluang bernafas,dan menikmati hidup bersama keluarga tersayang, and seeing my little boy growing up,being notty and cheeky..

My journey so far has been such a blessed journey, full with love and emotion, and we have became matured day by day and togetherness bring us closer.

My wish for 2014? I wish to have another year of great experience with my boys. (hubby and my lil boy), with more self improvement/development of myself.. to be a better person/muslim in life. And of course.. my all time wish. Loosing weight.. haip.. don't laugh.. I know..I know.. It is just that I soo tired with the buncitness of myself.. But it seriously so hard.. he he he.. Its should be the ultimate resolution for me.. hu hu...

And of course.. hope for the best for our shop for 2014. Hope it will be a prosperous year for us. Ameen

Some of the flashback of what had happen these year.. dun like the pic chosen for this.. but its randomly picked by google.. so okay lah.. hehehe..

Lastly.. happy 2014 peeps.. and have a wonderful and great year ahead!

Muahx muahx muahx!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hari Tak Keruan without Baby Payo..

Memang tak keruan for Ammi and Papa.. firstly Papa yang tak keruan.. Ammi and Payo supposed spend only 1 night at kampung, and we drag till 2 nights. Papa was like "Why 2 nights, I am missing you guys! No more balik kampung or anywhere without me after this.. so missing you..bla I am scared to be left alone.." "Err.. Papa? You scared", and I laughed histerically..

Yeah.. suddenly all this mysterious thingy happened to him, as what he mentioned to me..which my Mom said he just saying it, just he wanted us to be back soon.. 

Then after we went back, straight away headed to the shop. And can see how he was like soooo missing us.. aaawww... :P

Then..suddenly he was like "I want to bring Payo with me to Low Yatt for awhile.." hmm with a bit reluctant I let him go.. since he said we have been away from him.. and never really spent my time without my baby.. so I thought that I can  chillax and take some time to nap just for myself.. and do some house chores.. but its ended up calling hubby every hours and checking on them constantly.. no chillax relax nothing.. huhuhu.. 

Penangan anak kan.. now both of us can see what's the impact. Sekejap tu feels like forever....  bayang kan lah nak tinggalkan lama-lama..jumpa sebulan sekali ke.. mau teriak tangis daku.. anak relax je.. haha..

Kesayangan Hati Ammi, Papa, Omma..


Last week pic..muka blur.. just came back from Habib Syech Al Sagof malam cinta rasul..

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kejadian Babap..

Tiba-tiba teringat kan kejadian agak lawak masa cuti last Wed.

Citernya pasal si kecik ni....masa cuti Sultan Selangor Hari tu.. pegi lah berjalan-jalan bawak my mom nak merasa makan Satay Station...and dah settle semua balik rumah.. then I straight away rushing to the toilet.. hehehe.. then as usual.. si kecik tu.. tgk aku berlari-lari.. dia pon kelam kabut lari sama kelam kabut.. tapi dun really know whats going on.. then sama-sama terjah masuk toilet..

 I have tried to close the door.. but dia manage to tarik.. and push the door harder.. (tak lah sekuat mana pon..kederat baby..hehe).. then I pretend to scream and cry...konon-konon tersepit.. he is so shocked.. scream and cry with me.. for 2 seconds! then dia boleh  repeatedly babap  the door and the wall.. non-stop.. marah kan door sebab hurting Ammi? like "Door,  why u hurt my Ammi ji?" sambil pukul-pukul pintu.. That scene was so comel.. and I straight away hugged him and kiss him.. cause now I know.. I  can count on him, and Masya Allah.. makes me so grateful and think at such a young age, he has developed the sense to protect his mom.. and how beautiful this is... Masya Allah..

Then, bila Papa dia balik.. I have told the story, then Papa nak test dia.. konon babap la Ammi ni.. dia tengok je.. then terus dia cam babap balik Papa dia..kemudian aku lak test babap Papa dia.. dia tengok je..sengih-sengih.. hahaha.. memang bias sangat anak ku sorang ni.. Ammi loves you Sayang..

Yes Ammi Ji.. I will always be there for you..

Monday, 9 December 2013

Not Brave as before...

Yeah.. I am not brave as before okay? I sense this since I gave birth to Sahil.. I thought I can face anything in this world.. but it came vice versa.. instead now I become more chicken than before..

Most of my friends who knows me.. knows that I never scared to watch any ghost/thriller movie..or any scary ride..and fan of all these zombie series.. or anything like it..and anything super scary I will be the super excited one.. but then nowadays.. all this became so scary to me. Last time people has been talking about watching this super scary movie.. called "Conjuring"..I ended up stayed in the room and let the husband watching it himself.. Actually he was asking me to join him... (takut le tewww) ..kakaka, and then there is the movie Ethan Hawke acted tu.. yang Hantu Bughul tu..scary okeh..tak sanggup part yang he is looking at you back through the video.

Then the latest one, I was watching this Walking Dead series. (Biggest fan okay..esp Daryl.. kakaka), then the last episod.. (I watched the unrated version.. they showed the part where Hershaw got decaptivated by the Governor (cursed you Governor!!! %%$&#%$!).. Teringat- ingat scene tu sampai sekarang ok.. Cam siap mimpi bagai.. Eee.. menci la.. And nowadays I have my School Group which reunion in whatsapp,who likes to send all this scary stuff.. Nak gugur jantung.. Mati accident lah.. kena tembak lah.. huhu.. I don't need this kind of violence.

Betul lah cakap ustaz kat one of kuliah, manusia akhir zaman ni, paling senang nak dapat balasan di dunia, dengan rasa gundah gulana and kesusahan hati...(macam ketakutan sebab keselamatan ) sebab umat nabi Muhammad ni adalah yang paling ringan azab nya berbanding umat zaman sebelumnya.. Something macam tu lah..

Anyways.. semoga Allah jauhkan rasa gundah gelana.. dan amarah..

Happy 14th months Payo..

Omg.. Lupa sgt si kecik sorang ni dah 14 months... Cepat nya masa berlalu... Now since dah dapat kaki, bukan main lagi dia memanjat here and there.. now have to keep an eye on him 24-7.. and his eagerness to speak pon sangat-sangat la ketara..but its just babbling.. Am I supposed to be worried he is babbling all the way.. without any real words come out yet from his mouth at his 14 month? He just like to babbling such things like "lelelelelele", leuww leuwww leuww "papa papa papa" or "ttettt" /"berd".. Now I am googling around and searching for next approach to make baby talk.. Yeah.. paranoid mother alert... :D.. I know I know..

Another thing  that I am kind a worried with his teeth.. Until now only 6...Like is it normal? Again .. the paranoid mom alert .... He he he..

Anyways.. happy 14 months sayang... Looking at you when you trying hard imitating my prayer gesture.. walau pun tak berapa jadi.. dgn kumat kamit konon2 baca ayat2 Quran..and when you try to rukuk tapi terus bertinggung.. adalah sangat membahagiakan Ammi..and when every morning you woke up and greet me with smile..whenever I says "Assalamualaikum" ... and everytime i call you Sayang.. Yayang.. Ayang.. and you response it by saying " eeemmm" its just made me melt. The way you move your body to any music .. always made me laugh.. We are just happy to have you...

See ya later baby bushuk.... Muahx muahx muahx
Tgh layan iklan..
Ammi ji..I am sleepy la..

Amazed with the tett...(and the next day cat died kena sad)
Ammi ji.. no pic plss..

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Recently we had this #OOTD moment.. where by everybody in my circle suddenly feeling soo excited of what they are wearing daily... Its started with my friend mak Reen and mak Yan, which showed few pic of theirs #OOTD and they look super great...

Displaying IMG-20131121-WA0006.jpg
See what I mean.. cun kan..

Displaying IMG-20131121-WA0007.jpg

Displaying IMG-20131112-WA0004.jpg
Mak Yan looks great on her first day at new place

And when looking to all friends.. suddenly feeling so inspired of doing the #OOTD my self.. and see what happen

Displaying IMG-20131112-WA0006.jpg
Selipar tak boleh blah okay..

My 2nd attempt for the #OOTD

Not Bad..tapi muka ada kejut skit.. kaka..

Yeah.. clearly need more practice.. and also new wardrobe! Kesian.. I don't have a lot of baju/bags/accessories to do the OOTD with.. huhuhu...

Ok lah ciao bella..


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Happy 13 months my Lil' Sahil

Wow dah 13 months! How times flies so fast..

I still remember at this very moment last year I am still under confinement with tiny little creature on our hand. And used to remember his loudly cries (and it is still loud till now).. Waking up in the middle of the night.. Meragam... Used to  remember Papa  swing him with  only 1 hand...siang tidooo je..

And sekarang...

He is sooooooo cheekyyy.. whenever he sees you if you smile back at him.. he will give you the big grin.. Ngeeeeeee.. which we will melt to see him like that..then whenever he sees people..he will wave to them..and bye bye to them adoih hai..

His latest progress at 13 months :

1. love to walk around house.. or outside.. pantang lepas..laju je lari.
2. Talking.. his Papa noticed he have 3 diffrent ways to show his emotion. Like "lelelele"? more like asking question.. appaa appaa ..appaaa.. explaining things.. if want to show anger... he will squeaking a bit to show his unsatisfied mood.
3. Tet.. every single animal he sees he called them Tet(cat).  And cute babies too. (I think maybe he thinks cat/tet means cute little thingy).. hahaha
4. Playing peekaboo. He likes to do "aumm cak" and laugh at us..
5. Salam gesture..siap cium tangan ..
6. Dah berat.. tapi body takde la nmpk bam bam..tapi bila dukung.. mak ai..
7. Follow orders - this one we just found recently. Papa asked him to take the wallet. And he manage to understand it, and bring to Papa. Of course along the way he will selongkar dulu.. kikiki..
8. Cumi/Kiss Now if you said Cumi with pouty mouth, he will come and kiss you.. (but selected people only) hehehe

What ever it is Sayang.. Ammi and Papa always proud of you no matter what.

Seee.. suka benor tunjuk his big grin.. 

Few months back..

Coming Soon.. to Alam Budiman

Its has been really hectic week.. Especially in this month. With so many projects in mind. My standard day work itself pun dah sangat busy. Now di tambah lak dengan project nak bukak the pc shop nya.. Nak masak and santai2 weekend pon dah tak sempat..ada je halnya..

Since these few weeks we have to do a lot of things.. mencari barang nya.. dengan nak set up kedai nya. So why pc/laptop & accessories selling and repairing? Coz that is our forte. Me and hubby has been involved in the IT related for quite sometimes, like before this we had some partnership in Low Yat, but the competition is too high, and the partnership is not really helping. So, we had decided to pull out from there, and started new, With our own name. We won't regret for the money we spent there, its more towards gaining experience, which is so useful to us now, in setting this new shop.

Since we had a lots of contacts from the Low Yat, so the setting part is not so hard I guess. Alhamdulilah things look smoothly. Now the next step to really starting the business and promote it to people. A bit drawback is the location. Which why I have to think ways of promoting it. Insya Allah.. We will strive for the best. 

We pray day and night, may this journey goes smoothly, and with the wish of providing halal rizq for our family. Actually my other wish to menyenangkan my whole family, esp my mom  yg susah payah bersama we ols... Same goes to hubby's family.. Wish that one day we can bring them here, and let them have the feeling of happiness to be with their son. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

October.. what a busy month!

Dah nak end of October, what a busy month for me! Nak update pasal birthday my baby pun tak sempat.. With work and with the shop that about to open in 10 days time... with Raya and stuff.. and dalam kesibukan tu dapat pula berita pemergian my Anjang. Arwah Zainab Haji Shamsudin,(al Fatihah to her)..

Update skit on my Payo's Bday Party and House Warming, it was simple and sweet.

We started our kenduri with Qasidah and doa kesyukuran from my sis's frens punya group....

Adik-adik berqasidah..
Minion Cookies! Comel sangat kan? 

Sayang nak ngap.. tq to naziha @nksbakingwithlove 
Rainbow cake from K As... tq sangat-sangat..

Rainbow Cake by my dearest fren Emi.. can order from her ..

The Sweet Treats Station..
Birthday Boy n Kak Dhiya (My kesayangan...)

K Dhiya smpt possing..

He was laughing  when we sang him the song.. excited

Long time bff

Cake Cutting Time... terkezut tak Papa Sahil dah botak.. hehehe

Long time bff.. kayla n mummy yg dtg jauh from US.. tak sempat nak playdate with Kayla..huhu

Basically it was fun and sweet thing ... my only regret.. tak dapat nk take pic with my siblings yg sgt bertungkus lumus for the majlis... HUHUHU..

Later nak hapdate on the new shop that we are currently working on... which really hope this will be the start for us.. Doakan semua nya berjalan lancar.. Ameen..

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Letter to Anak Bujang Ku..03/09/2013

Assalamulaikum Sayang Ammi ...

Today you are turning 1 year old.. oh sayang.. time runs so fast. I wish if we can have some stop button. So that I can have more time just look at you while you asleep and cumi (kiss) you like crazy.. And all the memory still fresh in our mind.. Like how Ammi heard your cry for the first time... and how tiny you are that time.. How we' ve through all the hardship and heard you a bit unstable ..that I wish to Allah to save you... and give me and the whole family a chance to love, nurture you with all our heart.


You are our precious,  our gem, kasih sayang cinta Ammi and Papa. Ammi might not be the best mom in the world, but I have always wish and strive to provide the best to you, apa yang Ammi and Papa termampu. Ammi always with work, but whenever I had time with you, I tried my best to spend the best of it with you.

Just to see you giggle and do that smiling cheeky face, Ammi tenang dah. With all our heart, kasih sayang Ammi that Ammi can't even imagine that Ammi could love someone that much. More than myself. My wish to see you grow up as a man with great values. Love your Allah, and Rasul..  and everything will come to your way Sayang.

To tell you the true..  Allah give me hidayah through you.. I want to be a better person, to serve Allah, when I sees you. And our journey is still far Sayang. I always pray to Allah to provide us the chance to raise you as a man with great values.


You are blessed by surrounding, with all these people who loves you so much.. Remember that. Respect them truly. Especially, Omma..who troubling herself to be part of your life.And to your uncles and aunties, tok bah and kak dhiya. Who always there to be part of your life. They loves you unconditionally.

To your other side of family. They haven't got the chance to see you.. but InsyaAllah one day. They will adore you, my sayang... InsyaAllah..

Doa Ammi, semoga anak ammi menjadi anak yang baik, soleh.. dan Ammi akan berusaha untuk mendidik anak Ammi.. itu janji Ammi ...

Okay Sayang,

Hope you have fun later on this coming Saturday. We plan to have a small party for you. Just to show our gratitude and kesyukuran sangat for all this blessing.

Don't get Sugar Rush.. penat Ammi nanti.. Well what the heck.. once a year je pun Ammi allow you to have all you can eat candy buffet.. hahahahaha..

Sayang dia sangat-sangat

Ammi Ji.
Stay cheeky like this okay sayang? hehehe
My cheeky 1 year old baby..

If I had a girl.. my daughter may look like this..hehe.. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013


Salam Jumuah semua,

Everybody lately talk about stress.. Stress here.. stress there.. Main game pon kadang-kadang boleh jadi stress.. when you stucked at the same level for weeks playing Candy Crush.. hahahaha

And dun get me started with work stress.. Which is always high for me... but still manageable. Especially when tetiba boss besau tetiba je datang pms marah pada isu yang belum pun wujud, tapi dah stress pikir problem yang bakal datang. Menang project pon salah, tak menang pon salah. Camno tu? So mak ni tak pasal-pasal kena tempias.. Biasalah.. boss always have to think ahead.. Tapi benda tak de isu apa lagi kot..

Tapi nasib la aku ni jenis bengang tu satu hari je.. Esok dah okay. Memang dah perangai memang tak simpan grudge lama-lama. Sebab memang rasa tak healthy. Orang yang pendendam ni, hati dia tak bersih.. Betul tak? And luaran pon boleh terlihat. Masam kecut je.. hahahahahaha.. So now you know how I maintained my youthness? (blweekk) . Tak simpan dendam..hati suci bersih.. (kakaka.. suci la sangat)

Personal Stress.. still manageable.. selalu my personal stress will always related to financial, and other petty things..... Nak - nak jenis kita yang makan gaji, rasa tak cukup jeee...and kalu hilang pertimbangan.. financial stress can lead to other things jugak, if you are not careful. Especially when you start comparing, and complaint. I tried my best to control on that part, tapi sometimes you are just human being. Looking at other people, will make you have the tendency to compare.. and bila rasa kurang.. mula lah complaint. hu hu hu.. And 1 of  my bad habit.. I will start to take on people.. which usually I will start membebel.. and in this case the victim will be hubby.. tapi dia tu layan kan je lah.. He tried his best. Can see that..Macam tetiba marah kan dia pasal misplace my stuff.. tapi end up the stuff is in my handbag..Nampak sangat la aku la tu  yang meletaknya.. Then kadang- kadang nak balik tu dah datang niat nak membebel kat dia if let say dia lupa nk buang sampah ke.. then tetiba balik tgk sampah dah berbuang, pinggan dah clear.. rumah dh berkemas.. terus feel bad.... adoih hai..

Anyways.. a lot of ways to handle the stress my way...
1. membebel (which tak mendatang kan faedah sangat). Lagi make thing worst sometimes
2. Tak simpan dalam hati.. when u stressed out with people/problem.. Then you senang nak memaafkan..
3. Look at your beloved face with full of love.. (In this case.. will be my son.. and hubby sometimes)..
4. Pray to tenang kan hati.. and baca al-Quran..

Maybe if you guys have better way to handle it can share with me perhaps..

Ciao Bella..

Thursday, 12 September 2013


MasyaAllah (Praised to Allah)...

When we usually used the word MasyaAllah? I have noticed in the Malay Culture, we tend to use MasyaAllah when we heard some horrific/terrible things? Why is that ya? Selalu tak korang dengar bila anything bad happened.. u will hear someone said Masyaaaaaaaa Allaaaaaah.. sambilI geleng-geleng kepala.

I believed that is totally not right. What I have learned  the word Masya Allah, should be used whenever we want to praise someone,or something that so beautiful, so awesome, or anything beyond words lah. Sebab all these kecantikan, kebijakan dan all the awesome things are not from us.. but from Allah S.W.T. Example, when we sees baby yang super cute and super bijak.. We should said Masya Allah, sebab semua itu datang daripadaNya.

I have learned to use the word Masya Allah a lot from hubby,whenever he felt super kagum.. (haha)..  and since we have our baby. His daily mantra "Masya Allah.. these baby is bla bla bla.." "MasyaAllah our son is bla bla bla.. " And when nowadays when I went for kulliyah,or youtube video, from Ustaz like Yahya Adel Ibrahim, or Nouman Ali Khan for example, whenever they want to praise something, they will always said Masya Allah..

So, I will always used these word to remind me of His Greatness, Insya Allah.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy Birthday Sayang and Happy 11 months Payo!

Its already September, and it has been a hectic week for me. First, we have decided to move to our new house last week, (not really new, since its already few years, and my mom stayed there all this while). Since mom bought the new house, so now it become mine..mine! he he..

So bermula la sesi pemindahan yang super tired. Even though tak banyak barang besar, but its very tiring nak manage and buat trip pemindahan, we did like 7 trips with car.. and I just realized our clothes are a lot! but semua bukan muat pon.. yg I really use pon maybe 30-40% je.. really need to do some spring cleaning for the clothes later.

Some more I have to handle an event for the company, coz was thinking to take day off. So dah la penat memindah tak hilang lagi.. dengan manage event lagi.. God knows what I have been through... and with the flu and period pain yang datang...memang dah rasa nak collapse dah. Tapi nasib lah kita ni jenis kuat semangat.. gagahkan jugak lah.

Too busy sampai terlupa 3rd September was my hubby's birthday. He keep hinting me on what day it is.. And I keep replying.. "Its Tuesday la sayang" Then facepalm " aiyak his birthday!" I just bought like small piece of cake to celebrate later and night coz we both are so busy.. and x dak pic hu..

Then some more my little baby also turned 11 months! Dah 11 months dah?  My God, time runs so fast.. then next month dah setahun dah si kecik tu! His progress being 11 months :

1. I have noticed his eagerness to speak, so the first word I heard from him was "Tatak" means Kakak...then papapa..mamama... (no ammi yet huhuhu)
2. Now he has got this Salam gesture.. whenever u said salam he salam and kiss hand
3. 1 time .. we noticed he did flying kiss to my husband.. Melted pakcik tu.. tgk anak flying kiss at him..hahahahaha (I have been teaching him to do flying kiss only one time la kot baru berjaya.. so ratio of him following my gesture.. 1:50 attempts...kakakaka)

4. He will do this face (refer to the pic below) whenever he sees camera flash, or any cute girl, or whenever he feels he wants to be friendly to the person.. sometimes I yang termalu balik..coz I think he did that to most of people yang dia jumpa.. especially student perempuan near by our house.. (gedik..hahaha)

Thats all for now.. ciao...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Trip to Langkawi II

Actually tak banyak story pun, just wanted to share some of the pics only... We went to Skypark Cable Car, 1st time nak merasa, tapi frust sebab they close the bridge for maintenance.  Then boleh plak sempat nak singgah Makam Mahsuri.. Then pas tu kelam kabut la nak kejar ferry at 6pm. Shopping pon kat jetty je... Smpt la beli Tefal Pan. hehehe..

Mood si kecik tu tak sampai  lagi..baru bgn tido..

Kejap je takde mood .. tgklah dah buat muka cheeky balik..

Inside the cable car.. si kecik tu gayat actually.. 

Bridge yang still under maintenance

One of the view..

Yeah.. and we were there at 1 pm.. so sunny that I can't even open my eyes.

Group Photo.. one and only...

Pic without the boys.. both of them dah pengsan dlm keta

Bkn nak pandang camera..sebuk tgk kat Ammi..

Testing wether I can push the pillar

Bye bye...

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Langkawi Trip 1

Semangat nih..semangat nk menghapdate blog.. kekekekeke.. By the way this time nak story sikit pasal our Langkawi Trip.

It happened on the 3rd Syawal, masa org tengah sebuk-sebuk kenduri tu.. Tak sempat nak beramah mesra with my school friend.. huk huk huk...Then on the way to Kuala Kedah, baru realized, eh.. what is the last ferry.. kang sia-sia je pegi.. googlekan.. tgk last ferry at 7pm! Si Imran , (papa's friend) dah bawak style F1 racing dah.. (kecut-kecut perut ku)

Then we reached there around 6.30 pm, sempat beli ticket, and sempat book for island hopping for tomorrow..then ingat kan kul 7 tu dah nak gerak la ferry kan.. bantai nya 8.16pm baru nak gerak... dah lemau weh.. But 1 thing about payo.. dia tak banyak buat perangai sangat.. except nak mek(menyusu) or nak tido..
Anak Papa..

Greetings from the ferry.. dah kul 8 lebey woit..
 Reached Langkawi Jetty at 10smthing.. super lembik.. then smpi homestay..terus pengsan!

The next day, pagi-pagi dah bangun for Island Hopping activities. The activities including bermandian di pantai Beras Basah, lepak at Pulau Dayang Bunting, and eagle feeding, with very reasonable price, RM 30! Mana nak dapek weh..

Muka Kantoi tgh cium baby non-stop.. kakaka! While waiting for the pick up..

At Pulau Beras Basah

Persatuan Isteri-isteri Paki.. (kakakaka)

Had our picnic with fresh coffee n bread. Heaven..

Hensem kan saya dari Papa

Ready for Dip!

My favorite view...

Eagle Feeding yang I seriously thought that we gonna feed the eagle..but end up jst watching them catching the fish

Ceh.. baru teringat, xde pic signmark for Pulau Dayang Bunting... and rupanya kena memanjat bukit! before leh smpi ke tempat mandi/lepak nya..
Tolong abaikan kegemukan diriku...sila focus on the nice view.. kakaka.. (by the way the tasik is 80m deep hokay)

Korang la yang lebey la kan.. 
Dah bangun tido kt Dayang Bunting.. Terus pose!

Dah kat pekan Kuah.. Makan time at papa's fren restaurant

My favorite pic..

Dia yang paling Excited nye..

My view when I lying down on the bench.. Bliss!

My favorite view when I looked down...hehehe

Sambung ke next post..