Monday, 14 January 2013

Throwing Tantrum


Yesterday my son giving such a tantrum to the whole family.. from his omma (my mom), his aunt and me..
Its started when he don't want to take milk using bottle (yeah.. 2 days in a row natural feed) so he being so cranky when mom try to feed him.. struggle sungguh.. I noticed this happened every Monday. (as my friend said, my baby also got Monday Blues)

Then when my sis in law came and try to have play time with him.. things became worst.. until the time I came back from work.. then only he quite for little while. Then when we were at home.. he started again.. he screamed his lungs out (which I thing just recently he got that) ..and scream and scream out loud. At that time I just recite anything inside my mind, like al-fatihah and few calm him, and to calm me also.
Then slowly he became a bit better.. and suddenly started to giggle and some how asked me to have play time with him? Seriously I don't understand this little creature. In fact I manage to capture the video of him playing.

Then he started again.. gosh.. I decided that's it. I closed light, and put him and myself to bed. Still struggling, macam wrestling gitu. Feeding and yet kicking and punching all the way. Haih anak.. I continue with singing lullaby islamic version to make him calm, then he fall asleep.

Oh God, its made me think about what my mom and all mothers in this world had to go through.. just for their babies. (Dah besar panjang pon still baby in mom's eyes).. Dulu-dulu memang takkan faham the feeling.. now I really feel you ma.. Start from preggy up to now.. And of course if can you want to give the best..what ever you can to ur child. To people out there, jangan la nak melawan-lawan ibu ok? I beg you guys out there, kalau terasa nak melawan cakap tu, at least take a glance and think apa yang kita nak cakap tu will hurt her feelings or not.

P.s : I love u maaaa....

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year!

Dah 7th Jan, baru terasa nak tulis entry pasal New Year? I am so 1 week late.. pelissssssh.. Tak abis2 perangai pelupa and procrastinate I tuh..

Anyways, before that I wanted to say syukur 1000 x, by what I have been through so far for 2012. It has been a great journey. Firstly, I never thought in million years I will become a mother in 2012. Never cross in my mind that my 1 great wish will become true in 2012. And it feels great! I have been wishing that since my marriage in 2009, and know it became a bit hard as me and my hubby being apart for awhile since he was away from me, yeah 5000km apart! But Allah is the Greatest! He have better plan for me and hubby, and with His power and ketentuanNya, my wish came true. I cried and very grateful from the 1st day I found out I was pregnant, until now. Sangat mengakui dan meyakini kebesaranNya, yang Dia akan memberi apa yang diminta. And all we have to do is just ask(and of course with usaha). And kita pula jangan bersangka buruk if Allah tidak memberi atau belum lagi memberi, apa yang di minta. Sebab, hanya Dia yang mengetahui kesediaan kita menerima sesuatu itu.

Alhamdulilah..Tq Allah

All the pregnancy journey, and with hubby coming back for good, made 2012 became a great year after all. Now its 3 of us, to continue to live together, and hope that 2013 will bring more great things, happiness and joy to me and my family. I don't wish for great things, just hope that we will continue living happily together as family, and may Allah bless us with rezeki yang halal. I am hoping to earn more, so that my lil payo have a chance to live comfortably for his year to come.. InsyaAllah.

Lil payo : our nick name to our son. He he he..