Thursday, 14 January 2016

My UMRAH Story Part 1

Yes, I had just came back from umrah last Friday.

And this is not something that I have planned, and its all last minute decision. I have prayed to Allah all this while to give me chance to go to Holy Place one day, and I am still feel disbelief how its has been granted, so sudden, so smooth and dipermudahkan. Masha Allah.

When I have decided to follow my brother, (God bless him), its left around 10days to get myself prepared with the journey. I am so scared since I do not know much about Umrah and Hajj, what to do, what to bring? But from here I have left every single thing to Allah, let Him show me the way, and May everything is an ease on me. And I have not telling people, cause I still not too sure about Visa issue, and vaccine and everything. My visa is granted on 28th and I am flying on 29th. Macam tak caya.. tapi bila Allah dah hantar jemputan, segalanya mungkin.

Bermula lah perjalanan kami..

My Kesayangan - yang si Sahil happy lak dia Ammi nk tinggalkan dia. (but actually he don't even cry at all)
Bye bye my kesayangan.. Ammi gonna miss you guys

I have new 'Mak''
Yup..we about to go now

Madinah Airport

The first Pic I had of Masjid Nabawi.. Subhanallah

I can't believed I am here..and the scenery is so beautiful..

The interior that made me go aaaaa...

First selfie in front of Masjid Nabawi..

The ladies entrance

 When I had my first Subuh prayer.. I still feel disbelief with what I have witnessed. In my heart I have said millions of Syukur for giving me the chance of being at this magnificient place. I can't tell how thankful I am. And can't describe the feelings I had, Amazed, Thrill, Excited, Scared, Thankful, Happy, and the experience I had is beyond of any place that I have been so far, nothing compared to this.

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