Tuesday, 19 March 2013

1st holiday with lil Payo..

We had a short break for last weekend, and 1st time us together as a family..me, hubby and baby at PD. We had so much fun, since this is our 1st time holidaying... and a lots of fun to see my lil baby had great time at the pool. Suka betul dia main air.

Before reach Ilham Resort, we stop at the famous Teluk Kemang  beach for makan. Nice jugak kedai hujung tu. Gulai lemak cili api dia mmg kick lah!

Then we headed to Ilham.. terus change and dip ourself into the pool.
Sahil melayan perasaan.. :D

Muka lepas pool session

my baby slept early.. kepenatan sangat kot..

me and hubby had our dinner , from restaurant till the resort pengsan! and mmg takde buat perangai langsung..memang dia pun pandai amik mood holiday..


The next day kak dhiya and her mommy n daddy came to join us, since apartment at ilham resort tu pon besar. Got like 3 rooms. Then sambung lagi dipping and swimming..

Kak dhiya n Sahil

Excited sgt tu..

Si kecik ammi, and kak dhiya bukan main lagi melayan tab ammi ji.. hehehehhehe
Macam la paham dak tecik tu..

Then the next day, had our breakfast nasi lemak bungkus, and we headed back to KL. Thats all.. sweet and simple, but so memorable to us.