Thursday, 13 November 2014

Battling with Big C - Part 2

Month of October 2014..

So busy with the work and family, and forgot about my illness. After the big submission on my Pos Tender, and mean time went for few visit to different specialist. At that moment still have not sure to which specialist, or which medical centre that I should go to. It is more asking people around, but most give a specialist for O&G specialist. I need an opinion from cancer expert as well (dunno the term oncologist yet).

Then decided to google around, saw the list of good medical centre, such as pantai, pcmc, and as well as sdmc (even I am now like 50-50 with them). Then dunno why, I have decided to try Prince Court, from a feedback of a friend, they are like so good. So, okay let me see google. Then it was kind a short notice, I have googled the name and contact, and straight away email them for Saturday appointment, (it was Friday that time). Luckily they have slot for me. Alhamdulillah. And I have set to meet up with Dr. Azriff.

The meeting went well, with more details about the things that I have been dealing with. Its pretty much gives me more understanding, and in fact he gave me some readings after the meet up for me to read through what is Cervical Cancer it is all about, with the promise to connect me with 1 patient with similar situation.

He gives different opinion on what sort of treatment that I should go through. No surgery, but with Radioatherapy, Chemotheraphy, and Brachitherapy. He said, even with the surgery, it wont be able to save my uterus anymore, since the tumour is quite big. If the operation, the choice will be to remove the uterus. I am still devastated when I hear this at first. So which ever option I have chose, it wont be able to save my uterus anymore, and wont be able to have more baby. I know hubby was devastated as well.

We went back with so many things inside my head. In the mean time, I have set the appointment with Dr Hamid Arshat as well, for another opinion. At the mean time, I have told Dr Azriff to give me sometimes to think about this.

15th Oct 2014

Meeting with Dato' Dr Hamid Arshat. Today Emi, good friend of mine, and my insurance agent, accompany me for the appointment. I am hoping that Dr Hamid can give some hope on this. My concern is to save my uterus as much as I wanted to..but.. it just so sad to think that I wont be able to conceive again. When he go through my MRI result, and other result, his response to go with what Dr Azriff suggested. No need operation. As the operation is to remove, and it wont be able to save my uterus. And with state of the art technology, no need to go through the surgery pain, he said. So there it goes. from an expert himself. But he suggested to go to Beacon Hospital, since his friend is running the hospital, and they have the best facilities.

Thansk for accompany me Emi..
Then we went to SDMC, while waiting Emi to settle her things, I am keep searching an info on the best facilities on cancer treatment. I just got to know about Beacon from the Dr Hamid, and plan to check it out. Went there with Emi, and found out it is quite expensive compared to other hospital. On top of that, my insurance, co. and personal, does not cover there.

18th October

My RT planning and simulation begins, This after decided to go with Dr Azriff, as I felt that I have got the support I need from him, and after few opinions from people, like hubby, and few ex-patients.
Prep for my RT simulation Session

21st Oct,

Did Pet -Scan, as Dr Azriff don't feel at ease when the MRI report earlier, mentioned there is some possibility of my Lymph nodes may have the cancer cell as well.

27th October

School friend.. glad to have them in my life.. love you all to bits!
I had decided to do move my ovaries aside, to sure that during my Radiotheraphy session  it won't effected the ovaries, at least to less down my menopause effect. Hope it works.
Pose before the Operation...

My beautiful view..penat sgt..
View from my Hotel eh... my Room..mmg rasa mcm dok hotel.. hehe

Throwback : Little Celebration for Lil' one.

We had some small celebration of my lil payo birthday. On his birthday itself, took him to indoor playground, Amanville. And we had great time there. But the place is so empty, its just us and 1,2 parents with their toddlers.

Had fun.. had some smoothies, had him driving the remote car, running around in the mall. It so spacious and empty, he can just lied there. He he

The next Sunday, is the Hajj Celebration and Mom decided to do small celebration for little Payo as well. Just some makan-makan during Hajj celebration and small cake cutting for si kecik.

Simple and sweet.

Excited Terlebey

Yup.. mmg terlebey..


kesayangan Ammi..

He loves this so much..everytime look at this pic the excitement shows..

He loves Hi-5 so much okay.. like too much..