Friday, 12 December 2014

Battling with Big C - Part 3

Baru ada masa sikit nak bercerita about my experience during the treatment.

28th October

Day after the operation. Alhamdullilah everything went well. I am so scared, never been into this deep sleep before. When I woke up, a bit weak, but slowly recovered. Just noticed there are few holes on my tummy.

29th October.

Out from Hospital

03rd November 2014- 30th November

My 1st radiotherapy session. At first I dunno what to expect. With the big machine awaits. But then it just some painless procedure. with the machine goes around you. Good thing about PCMC, during the session they will put on the Al Quran recitation, if you are muslim, or if others, they will put all this soothing sounds during the session.

05th November 2014, and every Wednesday. (till 01st December)

Had my 1st chemo. My fear is more towards when they want to set up an IV drip on your hand. Bab cucuk2 tu.. But then after a while.. you just being pasrah. Macam cucuk la apa-apa yang nak dicucuk.. But I can't watch still...Then you have to wait for the IV drip to finish.. Then they give you the drug or Cisplatin in my case. Dalam keadaan redha la all the time. Masa 1st masuk, a bit sakit.. not use too kot..

And alhamdulillah from 1st chemo till the end. Semua berjalan lancar. I dont't experience any nausea, or vomitting, or any severe side effects. Just hair loss and mulut taste like metal.. And I don't lose weight. (stress gak..igt sakit-sakit ni boleh la turun sikit berat tu..hehe).. But then, maybe because of the steroid that I took. Part of side effects of steroid, memang akan menggemuk. In my case, langsung tak turun.. huhuhuhu

02nd till 20th December

Started my Brachiteraphy session. The scariest part, still the jarum part. Especially part diorg nk cocok kt spine tu.. Punya la berdebar.. sampai terdiam. I have told nurse, if I diam je tu, meaning tgh takut sangat la kot.. They are so baik with me.. keep asking me to calm down. The anesthetic Doc keep telling me why la I so takut. I can't even think of it, tremble.

20th December

I went for the patient celebration in PCMC. In away it is kind a my celebration of my treatment completion. Rasa cam lega. To think of how nice they are, from the doctor, nurses, the radiotherapist, and etc. Serious, one in million experience that I can't forget. Especially my Doc, Dr. Azriff who really kind and warm, and doing his great job to treat me,. To the nurses, Sis Rahimah, Sis Zuraidah, Yap and few others, who are doing their job greatly, and to the Radiotherapist, Lia and Mr Kannan, yg sgt friendly and warm. I am so glad with this group of people yang sentiasa memberi 100% support that you need in the time like this.
Thank you soooo much!

Some of the pic during the patient celebration day..