Sunday, 13 November 2016

Cuti-cuti Sabah Bah!

Just came back from Sabah..

It has been a pleasant journey for us. Since I have free time, like 1 week free,and I have been wanting to have some small vacation, before I start with my new work. We have planned for few places , but since hubby got some issue with visa, we decided to travel within Malaysia, and decided to go to Sabah since none of us have been there. Its kind a last min deal. But Alhamdulillah, all went well.

Dah sampai...

We reached KK at 12.30, and grab our rental car at the KK airport. It is kind a good deal, but since we did not arrange it earlier, we did not manage to get Myvi. But still, they give us a good disc. Then for next 3 days, we will be in Kundasang Sabah. When we reached there, they have this package 5 in 1 ticket. So, bought for me and hubby , RM 39 each, and free for Payo (4yo and below is free)
The 5 in 1 deal

The journey all superb. But I still have some few regrets, which is :
1. Should extend it to another night, it feels so rushing. Maybe 1 night spend at KK town, and enjoyed their seafood. And jalan- jalan there.
2. Yeah, the seafood!!! I have no chance to try. Mana tau the main seafood area tu kat Dataran Todak, we passed  that area, tapi tak berhenti pon. Dah sampai hotel baru tahu. And going back its like 2 hours going and 2 hours coming back. So lupakan.Hu hu hu... Sedih.
3. Should bring the stroller for my 'anak bujang' Esp kat airport. The KLIA 2 airport  besar kot.. and gate hujung dunia.. 'Pengsan weh nak dukung dia', when he fall asleep and expect us to carry him all around.

Other than that.. takde apa kot.. It was all great.

It was cold, and we reached there when the sun almost about to set. We stopped at the Upside Down House first, and Chantek Gallery before that.
Control Macho

Beria nak angkat..

Harus la lambat sampai Kundasang. So we are damn hungry, my package includes dinner, but since we can't wait for dinner, we had our late lunch almost dinner at the town. The smells of smokey chicken wings attract us to the shop. And Oh God, we finished all 20 chicken wings, with nasi goreng and telur dadar, and terasa nikmat eating in cold weather.
Habis kena lain x smpt nak snap..kelaparan

Dah dapat energy..mmg la..

 When we reach Kundasang. the view  Masha Allah.. Subhanallah.. memang breathtaking. Even you have capture 100 of pics but nothing beats the view from your own eyes. Masha Allah... View from our stay pon dah rasa magnificient. Our resort is facing the mount Kinabalu itself. Just imagine.
We continue enjoying the weather and scenery, to our hotel. And notice here its start getting dark by 6pm. And even day also starts early. Spend the time enjoying the view from our stay Pine Kinabalu Resort before we starts our tour.

Some of the pics..
Yup.. best pagi2 lepak minum teh.

From the balcony..


Great view right guys?

We went to places like Sabah Tea, with free tour to the tea factory, but no picture allowed in the factory.


Slowly taking his vibe..

Cepat la Ammi..

Tea plantation..nice

Hi Uolsss

Okay..I had great time..

And then went to the fish spa at Tagal Luanti River. Friends told me its kind a dangerous to try it for health reason. The thing is, I am too penggeli to put my feet with all fishes by the river. They are not even biting, lalu je dah terlompat-lompat. Tak sempat nak gigit.. hahahaha.. My hubby really tried and keep ouch ouch. Mana la anak bini dia tak takut.. Hahaha.. But I think the fish there all very manja and jinak. (Looks jinak but tak dapat pon nak tangkap pon).

Some of the pic
Dia punya takut.. hahahahaha

Yup.. I am soo geli...

Muka tahan nk menjerit..

He got bittern this time ..hahahahha

Pas rendam kaki terus kebulur..nampak cempedak goreng..apa lg

Next stop, Cattle Dairy Farm. it is very near to our stay. So it is so close to the mountain and can see all the black and white cow. But at this time Payo was a bit moody, so semua taknak.. ""I takut..I takut". When try to bring him near the cow. hehe..Lepas dapat ice cream baru mood okay sikit..terlompat-lompat balik.

Sebab ada pic kasut..cos I love it so much..and its a new shoes.hehehe

Cow yg Si Payo dok " Ï takut..I takut"

After than we stop at the Kundasang Memorial Park. I thought it was nothing here, until I saw the story behind it. I thought only few of Australia and Britain's army was died here. It was 2684, and only 8 survived! It happened when Japan take them as Prisoner of War and force them to walk for 256km from Ranau to Sandakan, that time there is no proper road side, it all just jungle and mountain. So all of them died except for 8 people. I think it should become a movie. Tragic really tragic.

I dunno why Payo posing like that..hahaha

Some of the wild beauty
Yup..posing sgt korang kan

Okay Ammi selfie sensorang lg besh..

I think its his signature pose.. 

After that, we went back to the same spot for our lunch, Restaurant Intan. Chicken wings,hot soup, with rice and telur dadar, and having all that while facing the Mount Kinabalu. Best time!

The mountain got covered by the cloud.. 

Plan to go to Strawberry Garden, but since its off season, we cancel the plan. We went to Kinabalu Park, where all the adventures starts for the climbers. Hubby tried to bring the car as close as to the starting point. Kind a scary route, and we have not stop for pic since it was heavy rain but we stop at Kiau Gap View, some stop towards the starting point, which actually we can see Mount Kinabalu clearly and really close up if its sunny.

Sejuk wehhh..

We went down, and went to Pekan Nabalu for some souvenir. Didn't get much souvenir, since I just realized I have left with few RM. But managed to get some t-shirts, key chains. Jadi lahhh..
Muka dah sememeh..

View from Pekan Nabalu..
Went back to Kundasang, had our dinner, and we are through for the day.

Dah nak pack balik..

Cedih..tak puas...

But can see that Payo really enjoyed the stay there. He was a bit scared when he got into plane. Siap ajak balik.. dah sampai hotel.. lupa dah terus nak go home.. he he..

Bye bye Sabah...I want to go home..

Bye bye Kundasang. We will come again one day.
Insha Allah.

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