Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kejadian di 2012..

Salam korang..

2012 it just started... And dah beberapa kejadian terjadi to me..
Firstly, I lost my laptop at home! Gila stresssss... And I still don't have the idea how did it happened? Ada org masuk ke? Masa bila, macam mana? And kenapa I boleh tak sedar. Memang  aku takde jawapan langsung. Kebengongan kejap. Till now tak cakap lagi dengan mama.. Tatut kena bebel.Hu Hu.. But I just see all this as hikmah. Walau pun stress dengan  effort yang aku dah curah kan dalam lappy tu for 1 year, yang at last di sapu habis pencurik! Cis... Hikmah nye, sekarang ni nak pasang grill lak kat umah tu.. dah di koreknya pintu tu untuk masuk.. So skrg ni nak letak grill lak.. or should I put CCTV? (hmm..good idea gak). At least terjawab gak segala kemusykilan camne aku nye laptop tu leh ghaib. 

2nd kejadian, these few days, (in fact since last week) I had something like sakit and berdengung dalam lubang telinga ku. You know when you on higher ground or in the flight, sometimes your ear get stuffed by air,and you can't hear that much. And additional to that, your ear sakit macam perit skit. I had this experience once in 2010, bila asyik turun naik flight during our honeymoon that time.So I had this pain currently. So semalam gi la check what's wrong with my ear. I gi to Dr Lee SS 15, my fav doc. Mula-mula masa dia check, dia kata my ear might have some infections. Terus ngeri, "eee..tatut". She said she saw something whitey inside my ears. So I pun dah scary2.. then dia buat la proses mengeluar kan 'fungus' tu.. Rupa2nya not fungus, tapi cotton bud yang tertinggal dalam telinga aku! Not 1 but 2 ok! Hahahahahahaha..  Tergelak-gelak doc when she saw it... Macam curious macam mana boleh tertinggal dlm telinga .. hehe.. 

So that's about it... and now tengah tak sabar dah nak terbang ke Italy... Viva Italia!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Its 2012 y'all!

Gosh...Its already 2012!

And I am so so left behind with my blogging... Takpe ..part of this year resolution will update as much as I can in my bondabondi blog.

My 2012 starts with what I called a good start.. which first time in my life I enjoyed my fireworks show.. like not stucked in the jam, and suddenly its midnite and have to pull over to enjoy the show (wtf).. This time I was at Dome Cafe the Curve, with my 2 BFF, Shareen & Ezreen ( I dunno why I'm stucked with Reen Reen ppl.. kakakakaka).. and fireworks is just above us!  we enjoyed our cakes, and talking and munching and talking.... 

Nice Rite?


Despite of all rumours about how world gonna end by 2012, I just hope it still give me hope and greatness & happiness in this year. I just wish to be with my hubby again, and lose more weight and weight.. and have cute baby.. and travelling to another part of country like greece, turki or chec maybe..
Oh speaking of travelling, I am planning to visit my husband really soon. Counting days - 8 days to go.. Dying to see him.. and I am so lemau these few days. U know lemau? like expired biscuits, or things that expired..(wth..I am giving some stupid analogy here) .. 
Lemau till the extend my boss said something to me...I was just nodded but don't even know what on earth she's talking (or more like nagging).. I just heard bla bla bla bla.. you need to be more proactive... and bla bla bla bla.. proactive.. and zzzzz .. To the extend she shussh shussh me just to get my attention! ha ha ha.. sowwiee

I think my lemau state has something to do with my trip soon to italy.. its like my body is here.. but my heart and soul is there already..  Please please please.. let me thru this 8 days.. to boss besar and kecik.. I am sorry boss.. I will be more semangat & pumped after my trip hokay! (I pomish! with innocent face)

Innocent Niggi..