Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Umrah Story Part III- Journey to Makkah al Mukarramah

I am still trying my best to finish up the story of my Umrah Journey...caught up with works and stuff.. Plus my son is not that well... Well let us try to finish it this time..

According to schedule.. we will be going to Makkah on the Friday, which will be  on the New Year itself! But don't have much excitement of New Year celebration here.. its just another Friday at Madinah. But the view.. Subhanallah ..Mashallah... We had to do Wida' /or last visit to the Masjid Nabawi/ Makam Rasullah. Like saying Goodbye to Rasullah and this beautiful place.. I was crying again, and hope that I have the chance to come again here..

This is Qubah to mark that Our Beloved Prophet is Resting In Peace here..
I prayed and prayed coming back here again

Makam Baqi' from far..we can't really going there at this time..since everybody is busy setting up for Friday prayer. (Notice tak byk sedara Papa hahahaha)

We prayed outside just to enjoy some magnificient view  outside.. It was beautiful Friday afternoon, looks hot, but its soo windy outside.

We manage to capture the scene "Bukak Payung"...

The view of Masjid Nabawi from far.. Masha Allah

Another view.. (Subhanallah)

Then after Prayers, we back to hotel and ready to start our journey to Makkah!At this point we are in our Ihram,..

We reached hotel at 11pm, and after putting our bags, had some late dinner, we straight away head to Masjidil Haram. My heart beat so fast when I approach to Haram.. since this is my first time here! Never been this close to the Kaabah and having this magnificent view. Allah is the Great! My tears pouring again, and our first tawaf went smoothly, with big spaces!. I have the chance to close and touch and pray at Makam Ibrahim few times, and touch the Kaabah.Allahu.. I can't describe the feelings I had. We even manage to find spot in front of Multazam to pray.

Bir Ali-This is where we start to niat Ihram here ..

We reach Makkah at 12 pm.. makan2 letak bag..terus gerak ke Baitullah

Perasaan yg penuh debaran..tatkala melihat kawasan Baitullah dari luar..

Allahu..this is how Kaabah looks like..all this while tgk tv je.. Macam tak caya its depan mata..

Can't believed I am standing in front of Kaabah

 After finish our Tawaf.. We went for Saie.. Again..cried and cried since I remembered the story how Siti Hajar tried to find water/food for her son, runs around between Safa and Marwah..and cried when I read the Du'a .. I am embracing every single moment doing the Saie. Finished the Saie, you finished with Tahallul. (Cutting your hair a little bit, for man they will usually bold their head). In my case I don't have hair.. so just some shaving act.. which 1 arabic kids looked at me with his mouth wide open.. aaaa hahahahahhah...
Starting our Walk between Safa' and Marwah... U can see the crowd..

The famous 'Big Clock'
When the whole process is finished, its almost Subuh..we stayed for Subuh..and went back to hotel. I can't feel my legs at that point...too much walking. after some rest, got the energy to go back again and doing your prayers there. The excitement of doing tawaf everyday, iktikaf inside the Masjidil haram, it such a beautiful things to do. You never feel bored. Every day I will have the chance to go different level, or side of the Masjidil Haram, just to feel the different.. And I felt happy all the time. Sometimes I don't even know where all the strength came from.. but I had all..with the good health..I managed to do 2nd Umrah.. which at first I don't even think about it, cause of my health or afraid don't have any energy to do it again. But He knows it all. Subhanallah.

Assalamualaikum semua,,

We prayed Zuhr at 2nd level of Tawaf area.. and it was hot.. but Allah is the Greatest.. immediately the sun is covered and we can sense the Miracle, when all of us there cried non-stop, and non-stop Praising Him for His Ni'mat

View from 2nd level


We had the visit as well here, went to Jabbal Al Tsur, Jabbal Annur (Gua Hira') and JabbalArrahmah (where Adam and Hawa is believed to have their meeting here). Some funny stories, I have tried to climb the Hill..yess meee! haha..but just did it half way, coz suddenly feel ridicilous climbing with the Abaya..(selak sana sini) hahahahaha. And from the top took few pic and 1 Arabic lady asked to take photo of her as well. And suddenly I have became her official photographer with few weird pose(like praying pose, or climbing pose) from her. "for facebook", she said. I just play along, but passed the phone quickly when I have noticed it went far. haha..

In front of Jabal Tsur

In front of Jabal Rahmah

I climbed half way.. and realized how silly I am.. peace! 

All in all I had such a blast with my visit.. and I have noticed whatever you think or wish.. it immediately came true there.. like how I wish to have lontong, and butter chicken in Makkah.. and I had it.. Masha Allah.. I am not fancy of Arabic food that much.. and  end up here too I don't really fancy to go to get any of Mandi or Khabsah here.. But when it come to sambal belacan,, lauk melayu.. my eyes all twinkling and bersinar.. hahahahaaha.. (dah lidah melayu tu nak buat mcm mana)

Every great thing will always come to end..which makes me feels so devastated.. the last day of our stay in Makkah.. We will need to do the tawaf wida' (to say Goodbye.. and wish that we will be back here). I am bringing mak.. (My brother's future mom in law with me). We are doing tawaf slowly.. and its so hearbreaking to say goodbye.. That time I just wish that we have the chance to be here again..all of us..the whole family..

As the bus is leaving the Makkah area.. our tears non-stop falling.. I am surely missing all this.. We reached Jeddah by 4pm.. and we had our Prayer at Masjid Terapung..(Masjid near by the sea).
We had our rest..and view by the sea is so beautiful.

We reached  Jeddah Airport by 6 something.. and the waiting and process takes some times. Our flight is at 11pm. The funny part, the airport officer asked us to queue to the waiting area, but there is flight before us where the passengers is still strungling to get in. The funny thing is.. it seems out of control that the officer can't do anything to dicipline these people. Believed me Malaysian people are more civilized and patience in terms of queueing and waiting. we give them chance to go first since their flight is about to go. The flight is at 9pm.. and the time was 9.30 and they are still queueing, some of them just reached. And the officer can't do anything.

Alhamdulillah its all went smoothly when it comes to our turn. My target to just sleep.. which is what has happened.. I slept all the time in the flight and only woke up when I am about to reach KL.

When I reached Malaysia.. for few nights I cried..coz I miss Makkah & Madinah so much.. I can't describe how I feel. But I miss Haram Land dearly.