Sahil - First Birthday

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Happy 15 months Baby..

Alamak... few days has past.. and he is already fifteen months.. sorry baby... Ammi lost track a bit.. even I lost track of what day it is today.. I thought it still Thursday but actually its already Friday dah..bole?

Okay.. talked about what you have been doing so this age, you are still building your skill to communicate with us. Still mumble and's okay.. and at this point of time.. you being soooo cheeky.. pretend to laugh to something unsure.. and always being cheerful.

Oh.. you also has few teeth to come out... (masak la Ammi kena gigit). And then you love to call everybody Ma.. ma.. even calling your Papa Ma? (Confused jap).

oh.. one last thing.. you are one tough baby.. why I said that? A few incidents happens. First you were locked in the room few times, and its very dark, and you just sit quietly until Ammi open the door back for you, and smile at me? are you kidding me sayang? not afraid at all? how la Ammi wants to do the time off to you.. dark room seems not working for you. hahaha.

Other incident : He managed to open my Tiger Balm (which you know its quite hot even for an adult), and put it on his face, and smiling at me? Baby baby..

In anyways, you always gonna be our precious one..And more years and milestone to come.. Happy 15 months Sayang.. muahx muahx muahx...Sayang dia sangat sangat!

oh..forgot.. major event:

Papa did his first hair cut! Without Ammi there.. sedih plak... And semua org terkejut.. esp family member.. All like "whhhyyyy" huhu

Displaying IMG-20140107-WA0012.jpg
Hu hu.. dah botak dah my baby... uuuuuu
Ada orang cakap he looks more Malay bila dah botak nih.. I couldn't agree more..
Tapi Papa still nak cakap 90% ikut muka Papa. :P
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Ya la Papa.. memang your face..

Miss his curly hair