Sahil - First Birthday

Friday, 23 September 2016

Another mixed Update..Al Fatihah.. and Congrats to team Paralympian!

These few days I am a bit emotional and tearing all the is a mixture feelings of being sad, overwhelmed and grateful.

1. The lost of 1 of Respective Scholar of our time, TG Dato' Haji Haron Din. It is so felt since he is the most respected man, by his peers, friends, and opponent. He is one of the person who dedicated his life to see the unity of the ummah through his knowledge in Islam. He left us on Friday 16th September 2016 morning, due to his heart condition.
May Allah forgive of all his sins, and may him rest in Peace.
Credit to Saiful Nang

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihii wa'fu'anhu "
Ya Allah, ampunilah dia, dan kasihanilah dia dan sejahterakanlah serta ampunilah dosa kesalahan dia

These goes to my Babah, my whole family, my close friend Hafyzan Md Yusof. May Allah forgive all their sins.

 I was so sad, as sometimes I am thinking how its going to be for me, who are not doing so much of good deeds, who have more sins that anyone else. Will He ever forgive me?

2. It's about about Paralympic Athletes, who just won medal recently in Rio,Brazil. That guy Ridzuan Mohamed Puzi. Man.. he give me tears of joy. Today I heard him and other gang on the radio singing Gemuruh by Faizal Tahir, and I am all teary cause I can sense the sincerity in his voice. He is living prove that nothing is impossible. Same goes to other paralympian. They are just amazing.

How you not love him? See how cheeky he is <3

And other thought I had in mind, Bless their Parents. I believed they are who they are today because of the endless love and support from their folks and closed one, who believed in them. And with special conditions they have, their parents will always have to put extra mile, and the fact that they prove it by winning the medal, its beyond words. Love themmmm!!!

Signing Out.

Ammi Sahil