Sahil - First Birthday

Monday, 30 December 2013

Bye bye 2013.. and Welcome 2014!

Bye bye 2013..

It has been such a great year and major milestone for my baby.. And I am so grateful with all of it...Alhamdulilah syukur sangat di beri peluang bernafas,dan menikmati hidup bersama keluarga tersayang, and seeing my little boy growing up,being notty and cheeky..

My journey so far has been such a blessed journey, full with love and emotion, and we have became matured day by day and togetherness bring us closer.

My wish for 2014? I wish to have another year of great experience with my boys. (hubby and my lil boy), with more self improvement/development of myself.. to be a better person/muslim in life. And of course.. my all time wish. Loosing weight.. haip.. don't laugh.. I know..I know.. It is just that I soo tired with the buncitness of myself.. But it seriously so hard.. he he he.. Its should be the ultimate resolution for me.. hu hu...

And of course.. hope for the best for our shop for 2014. Hope it will be a prosperous year for us. Ameen

Some of the flashback of what had happen these year.. dun like the pic chosen for this.. but its randomly picked by google.. so okay lah.. hehehe..

Lastly.. happy 2014 peeps.. and have a wonderful and great year ahead!

Muahx muahx muahx!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hari Tak Keruan without Baby Payo..

Memang tak keruan for Ammi and Papa.. firstly Papa yang tak keruan.. Ammi and Payo supposed spend only 1 night at kampung, and we drag till 2 nights. Papa was like "Why 2 nights, I am missing you guys! No more balik kampung or anywhere without me after this.. so missing you..bla I am scared to be left alone.." "Err.. Papa? You scared", and I laughed histerically..

Yeah.. suddenly all this mysterious thingy happened to him, as what he mentioned to me..which my Mom said he just saying it, just he wanted us to be back soon.. 

Then after we went back, straight away headed to the shop. And can see how he was like soooo missing us.. aaawww... :P

Then..suddenly he was like "I want to bring Payo with me to Low Yatt for awhile.." hmm with a bit reluctant I let him go.. since he said we have been away from him.. and never really spent my time without my baby.. so I thought that I can  chillax and take some time to nap just for myself.. and do some house chores.. but its ended up calling hubby every hours and checking on them constantly.. no chillax relax nothing.. huhuhu.. 

Penangan anak kan.. now both of us can see what's the impact. Sekejap tu feels like forever....  bayang kan lah nak tinggalkan lama-lama..jumpa sebulan sekali ke.. mau teriak tangis daku.. anak relax je.. haha..

Kesayangan Hati Ammi, Papa, Omma..


Last week pic..muka blur.. just came back from Habib Syech Al Sagof malam cinta rasul..

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kejadian Babap..

Tiba-tiba teringat kan kejadian agak lawak masa cuti last Wed.

Citernya pasal si kecik ni....masa cuti Sultan Selangor Hari tu.. pegi lah berjalan-jalan bawak my mom nak merasa makan Satay Station...and dah settle semua balik rumah.. then I straight away rushing to the toilet.. hehehe.. then as usual.. si kecik tu.. tgk aku berlari-lari.. dia pon kelam kabut lari sama kelam kabut.. tapi dun really know whats going on.. then sama-sama terjah masuk toilet..

 I have tried to close the door.. but dia manage to tarik.. and push the door harder.. (tak lah sekuat mana pon..kederat baby..hehe).. then I pretend to scream and cry...konon-konon tersepit.. he is so shocked.. scream and cry with me.. for 2 seconds! then dia boleh  repeatedly babap  the door and the wall.. non-stop.. marah kan door sebab hurting Ammi? like "Door,  why u hurt my Ammi ji?" sambil pukul-pukul pintu.. That scene was so comel.. and I straight away hugged him and kiss him.. cause now I know.. I  can count on him, and Masya Allah.. makes me so grateful and think at such a young age, he has developed the sense to protect his mom.. and how beautiful this is... Masya Allah..

Then, bila Papa dia balik.. I have told the story, then Papa nak test dia.. konon babap la Ammi ni.. dia tengok je.. then terus dia cam babap balik Papa dia..kemudian aku lak test babap Papa dia.. dia tengok je..sengih-sengih.. hahaha.. memang bias sangat anak ku sorang ni.. Ammi loves you Sayang..

Yes Ammi Ji.. I will always be there for you..

Monday, 9 December 2013

Not Brave as before...

Yeah.. I am not brave as before okay? I sense this since I gave birth to Sahil.. I thought I can face anything in this world.. but it came vice versa.. instead now I become more chicken than before..

Most of my friends who knows me.. knows that I never scared to watch any ghost/thriller movie..or any scary ride..and fan of all these zombie series.. or anything like it..and anything super scary I will be the super excited one.. but then nowadays.. all this became so scary to me. Last time people has been talking about watching this super scary movie.. called "Conjuring"..I ended up stayed in the room and let the husband watching it himself.. Actually he was asking me to join him... (takut le tewww) ..kakaka, and then there is the movie Ethan Hawke acted tu.. yang Hantu Bughul tu..scary okeh..tak sanggup part yang he is looking at you back through the video.

Then the latest one, I was watching this Walking Dead series. (Biggest fan okay..esp Daryl.. kakaka), then the last episod.. (I watched the unrated version.. they showed the part where Hershaw got decaptivated by the Governor (cursed you Governor!!! %%$&#%$!).. Teringat- ingat scene tu sampai sekarang ok.. Cam siap mimpi bagai.. Eee.. menci la.. And nowadays I have my School Group which reunion in whatsapp,who likes to send all this scary stuff.. Nak gugur jantung.. Mati accident lah.. kena tembak lah.. huhu.. I don't need this kind of violence.

Betul lah cakap ustaz kat one of kuliah, manusia akhir zaman ni, paling senang nak dapat balasan di dunia, dengan rasa gundah gulana and kesusahan hati...(macam ketakutan sebab keselamatan ) sebab umat nabi Muhammad ni adalah yang paling ringan azab nya berbanding umat zaman sebelumnya.. Something macam tu lah..

Anyways.. semoga Allah jauhkan rasa gundah gelana.. dan amarah..

Happy 14th months Payo..

Omg.. Lupa sgt si kecik sorang ni dah 14 months... Cepat nya masa berlalu... Now since dah dapat kaki, bukan main lagi dia memanjat here and there.. now have to keep an eye on him 24-7.. and his eagerness to speak pon sangat-sangat la ketara..but its just babbling.. Am I supposed to be worried he is babbling all the way.. without any real words come out yet from his mouth at his 14 month? He just like to babbling such things like "lelelelelele", leuww leuwww leuww "papa papa papa" or "ttettt" /"berd".. Now I am googling around and searching for next approach to make baby talk.. Yeah.. paranoid mother alert... :D.. I know I know..

Another thing  that I am kind a worried with his teeth.. Until now only 6...Like is it normal? Again .. the paranoid mom alert .... He he he..

Anyways.. happy 14 months sayang... Looking at you when you trying hard imitating my prayer gesture.. walau pun tak berapa jadi.. dgn kumat kamit konon2 baca ayat2 Quran..and when you try to rukuk tapi terus bertinggung.. adalah sangat membahagiakan Ammi..and when every morning you woke up and greet me with smile..whenever I says "Assalamualaikum" ... and everytime i call you Sayang.. Yayang.. Ayang.. and you response it by saying " eeemmm" its just made me melt. The way you move your body to any music .. always made me laugh.. We are just happy to have you...

See ya later baby bushuk.... Muahx muahx muahx
Tgh layan iklan..
Ammi ji..I am sleepy la..

Amazed with the tett...(and the next day cat died kena sad)
Ammi ji.. no pic plss..