Thursday, 19 September 2013


Salam Jumuah semua,

Everybody lately talk about stress.. Stress here.. stress there.. Main game pon kadang-kadang boleh jadi stress.. when you stucked at the same level for weeks playing Candy Crush.. hahahaha

And dun get me started with work stress.. Which is always high for me... but still manageable. Especially when tetiba boss besau tetiba je datang pms marah pada isu yang belum pun wujud, tapi dah stress pikir problem yang bakal datang. Menang project pon salah, tak menang pon salah. Camno tu? So mak ni tak pasal-pasal kena tempias.. Biasalah.. boss always have to think ahead.. Tapi benda tak de isu apa lagi kot..

Tapi nasib la aku ni jenis bengang tu satu hari je.. Esok dah okay. Memang dah perangai memang tak simpan grudge lama-lama. Sebab memang rasa tak healthy. Orang yang pendendam ni, hati dia tak bersih.. Betul tak? And luaran pon boleh terlihat. Masam kecut je.. hahahahahaha.. So now you know how I maintained my youthness? (blweekk) . Tak simpan dendam..hati suci bersih.. (kakaka.. suci la sangat)

Personal Stress.. still manageable.. selalu my personal stress will always related to financial, and other petty things..... Nak - nak jenis kita yang makan gaji, rasa tak cukup jeee...and kalu hilang pertimbangan.. financial stress can lead to other things jugak, if you are not careful. Especially when you start comparing, and complaint. I tried my best to control on that part, tapi sometimes you are just human being. Looking at other people, will make you have the tendency to compare.. and bila rasa kurang.. mula lah complaint. hu hu hu.. And 1 of  my bad habit.. I will start to take on people.. which usually I will start membebel.. and in this case the victim will be hubby.. tapi dia tu layan kan je lah.. He tried his best. Can see that..Macam tetiba marah kan dia pasal misplace my stuff.. tapi end up the stuff is in my handbag..Nampak sangat la aku la tu  yang meletaknya.. Then kadang- kadang nak balik tu dah datang niat nak membebel kat dia if let say dia lupa nk buang sampah ke.. then tetiba balik tgk sampah dah berbuang, pinggan dah clear.. rumah dh berkemas.. terus feel bad.... adoih hai..

Anyways.. a lot of ways to handle the stress my way...
1. membebel (which tak mendatang kan faedah sangat). Lagi make thing worst sometimes
2. Tak simpan dalam hati.. when u stressed out with people/problem.. Then you senang nak memaafkan..
3. Look at your beloved face with full of love.. (In this case.. will be my son.. and hubby sometimes)..
4. Pray to tenang kan hati.. and baca al-Quran..

Maybe if you guys have better way to handle it can share with me perhaps..

Ciao Bella..

Thursday, 12 September 2013


MasyaAllah (Praised to Allah)...

When we usually used the word MasyaAllah? I have noticed in the Malay Culture, we tend to use MasyaAllah when we heard some horrific/terrible things? Why is that ya? Selalu tak korang dengar bila anything bad happened.. u will hear someone said Masyaaaaaaaa Allaaaaaah.. sambilI geleng-geleng kepala.

I believed that is totally not right. What I have learned  the word Masya Allah, should be used whenever we want to praise someone,or something that so beautiful, so awesome, or anything beyond words lah. Sebab all these kecantikan, kebijakan dan all the awesome things are not from us.. but from Allah S.W.T. Example, when we sees baby yang super cute and super bijak.. We should said Masya Allah, sebab semua itu datang daripadaNya.

I have learned to use the word Masya Allah a lot from hubby,whenever he felt super kagum.. (haha)..  and since we have our baby. His daily mantra "Masya Allah.. these baby is bla bla bla.." "MasyaAllah our son is bla bla bla.. " And when nowadays when I went for kulliyah,or youtube video, from Ustaz like Yahya Adel Ibrahim, or Nouman Ali Khan for example, whenever they want to praise something, they will always said Masya Allah..

So, I will always used these word to remind me of His Greatness, Insya Allah.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Happy Birthday Sayang and Happy 11 months Payo!

Its already September, and it has been a hectic week for me. First, we have decided to move to our new house last week, (not really new, since its already few years, and my mom stayed there all this while). Since mom bought the new house, so now it become mine..mine! he he..

So bermula la sesi pemindahan yang super tired. Even though tak banyak barang besar, but its very tiring nak manage and buat trip pemindahan, we did like 7 trips with car.. and I just realized our clothes are a lot! but semua bukan muat pon.. yg I really use pon maybe 30-40% je.. really need to do some spring cleaning for the clothes later.

Some more I have to handle an event for the company, coz was thinking to take day off. So dah la penat memindah tak hilang lagi.. dengan manage event lagi.. God knows what I have been through... and with the flu and period pain yang datang...memang dah rasa nak collapse dah. Tapi nasib lah kita ni jenis kuat semangat.. gagahkan jugak lah.

Too busy sampai terlupa 3rd September was my hubby's birthday. He keep hinting me on what day it is.. And I keep replying.. "Its Tuesday la sayang" Then facepalm " aiyak his birthday!" I just bought like small piece of cake to celebrate later and night coz we both are so busy.. and x dak pic hu..

Then some more my little baby also turned 11 months! Dah 11 months dah?  My God, time runs so fast.. then next month dah setahun dah si kecik tu! His progress being 11 months :

1. I have noticed his eagerness to speak, so the first word I heard from him was "Tatak" means Kakak...then papapa..mamama... (no ammi yet huhuhu)
2. Now he has got this Salam gesture.. whenever u said salam he salam and kiss hand
3. 1 time .. we noticed he did flying kiss to my husband.. Melted pakcik tu.. tgk anak flying kiss at him..hahahahaha (I have been teaching him to do flying kiss only one time la kot baru berjaya.. so ratio of him following my gesture.. 1:50 attempts...kakakaka)

4. He will do this face (refer to the pic below) whenever he sees camera flash, or any cute girl, or whenever he feels he wants to be friendly to the person.. sometimes I yang termalu balik..coz I think he did that to most of people yang dia jumpa.. especially student perempuan near by our house.. (gedik..hahaha)

Thats all for now.. ciao...