Thursday, 28 July 2016

My mix feelings updates

So many things happened to me this since this past few months, since my last update.. mix of great news.. lost of love ones.. and few other things that happened to me recently..

I will try my best to track back.

1. 1st the news that I have been waiting for all this while. That I am cleared from cancer! In fact yesterday is my 3rd follow up this year, and Alhamdullilahhhhh.. nothing changed so far.. Doctor just happy to see my progress.The fact that I recover well from the surgery...and survived the chemo period. (and I am still working). yeah.. you guys can refer to previous post. Shows how crazy it is. Allah has answered to my prayer. Its time for me to use my time well. Some people may feels that its not a big deal of what I have been through. So many things they said "Betul ke u ni sakit, nmpk sihat je" or the recent that I have got "ha..nampak sihat dah.. dulu dh mcm nak mati kan" I was like stunned and just say  " I look like nak mati because I just had a chemo" . and move away.. Like what kind of remark is that. If you dont know what to say, don't say anything at seriously. Arggh..forget about them..
Now its time for me to really need to take care of my health, especially my weight now. Okay..dah sign up for gym for 1 month. see how the progress. Should blog it though.. to see what is my progress . Since Dr Azriff also are keen to know my journey of losing weight as well. This should be my next pledge. Within 3 months, I shall loose at least 10 kg for next 3 months. 3.5 kg per month? How is that sound? Wish me luck!

Yeah.. nak prove apa lg kan.. But seeing this beautiful soul besides u know where i got my strength from

2. Our family lost our Babah. Babah is my Stepdad, married to my mom and had 2 beautiful kids, my lil sis Nana n lil bro Mey. Along with my other siblings. He is basically playing big role in my life. He is being dad that I never had, so it is such a lost to all of us.. especially to Amalina or Nana, since she took care of hm ever since he fall sick.. It was great lost to me as well. Mainly because we are struggling the same battle. We both fall sick almost at the same time.. with cancer. It just that in his case, the time has come. Allah choose to end his pain, since it really is painful for him..since the cancer has spread to all over the body.. basically all his bone rapuh like a biscuit...He left us on 21st May 2016, on the Nisfu Syaaban day,, a week before the fasting month. We now always miss him, and I will recite al-fatihah everytime i remember him.. A lot of thing makes me remember him a is he there.. I will blog about him sometime..  Al fatihah to Bah.. Moga roh mu sentiasa di cucuri rahmat.

1 of memory I had with him.. Al fatihah..