Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Chemo Diary - Part V

Its my 5th cycle of chemo, and it has been quite hectic week for me.

First, the messed up schedule.
I was not aware that my chemo schedule has been set a day earlier, until I saw the date on my appointment book. I have planned it well to have it days before Deepavali, so that I can have long break, and rest. Buuuuttt the nurse has messed up with the date, that cause me to have to reschedule the chemo, and apart from that whatever I have planned for my work all messed up. And to reduce the stress I had hubby suggested to go for short trip, just to makes me feels better. Hu hu..thanks hubby.

Runcing je tgn tu nak ambil Stobewi Ammi.. he he he

Muka sama tak.. :P

Anak Papa

 <3 familia

So I have to do it last Friday, with few days apart from my trip to Kemaman. Allahu.. I prayed for everything goes smoothly, hope nothing bad happened, The journey, the presentation and all. Alhamdulillah.. nasib baik all went well, apart from the scary hujan lebat.

Sky so clear..this is before heavy rain from Karak all the way to KL..

On top of that, I have to pay in full for my previous chemo session, because of the changed of date I have requested previously. Duit terbang lagi! Hadoih.. Nasib boleh claim..

The side effects is still the same.. and so much of body aching, since I have to travel to Kemaman. I don't even have all the energy.. I am seriously pushing my body to the limit. Dengan si bujang kecik meragam pulak. Nampak kita semua tak kena. Nak manja..nak pujuk.. Dengan Omma dia je elok je.. haih la anak. He can be so much understanding, especially when I looked sick, but sometimes he can just be so much clingy too.  This morning I have told him I have to go to work. His reply " Ammi, don't go to work, stay with me". I wish I can Sayang..huhu.. Ammi with all the sickness still work like crazy. I love working. It makes me content. But my energy level really goes down the drain. Hu Hu..Ya Allah...Permudahkan lah Segala Urusan

Another Sad note, my friend that I have mentioned earlier in my previous post. She passed away on my chemo day. It was very sad news, up to the level I cried to myself, and thinking if next is me, am I ready? I feel soo empty. I wanted to pay my last respect, but the chemo itself has taken a lot of me. I just can wish that Allah will grant her Jannah, and forgive all her sins. She is a great person to most people, and I believed she got her part to die in Husnul Khotimah. Insha Allah.

Another note.. happy birthday to my beloved sister, Nur Amalina. or my son called her Ana, Nana. May your life filled with happiness, and Barakah from Allah S.W.T.  Love you so much Sis.

You know I love you so much matter what