Sahil - First Birthday

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Its almost the End..

Yeah.. the end of Ramadhan..time flies so fast! pejam Celik its almost Raya already. And I have been tied up with loads of loads of work since had the few big project that need to be settled before Raya. And end up I have forgot to prepare so many things for my Raya preparation. And see? how busy I could'nt bother to upload my birthday pic.

It was lovely and sweet, surrounded by loves one.. hubby & son, (which my son has no idea whats going on), my mom who was so superb to me and her kids.  God bless her, and all my siblings! They are the best!

Some of the highlights
The "feast'

My fav! Fried Butter Prawn

Tq so much u

Thanks Anaaa...

Budak X lalu dok diam

Thank you Papa & Payo! Muahx

Muka Suci..hehe

Apart from that, it has been another tragic event to Malaysian with another tragedy of  MH 17 has been shot down few weeks back, and with all the genocide that still happened in Gaza.

These year feels soo not in the mood of Raya, with all the unfortunate event, and mishap, and with me soooo equiped with work, up to today my lil payo still don't have his baju raya. Sian anak Ammi sowang ni.

Tgk lah.. maybe today ke esok ke final round carik your baju ya sayang?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Salam Ramadhan al Karim..& Happy 21 months lil Payo

Alhamdulillah..its already a fasting month for all muslim. And being so excited as this is opportunity to enhance and increase our ibadah and submission to God.

My 1st cooking so far during the Ramadhan.

With the Ramadhan entering, the thought of this time is no longer on how  fancy is the Buka Puasa will be. It is more on to just being moderate in what you do, and try as much as I can to fully utilize the Ramadan month with all the Ibadah.
So far till now I just cooked only 1 time for Buka Puasa, since most of the time will be at the Mom's place. (God bless her). With her taking care of Payo.. and still can prepare the 'feast' for us. Only Allah can reward her for such love she has for us.

Its another great milestone for our lil precious. which turning 21months only. In just few months he will be turning to 2 years. It has been wonderful journey, though sometimes you can just suddenly through your tantrum. (Yeah .. like that trip to JPO remembered? You shout and scream inside the shop like nobody business, cause you saw other kids with stroller car).

Asked him to look at the camera " No! No!Tak nak". Seriously not in the mood ha baby.

You are now capturing a lots of words.. and make my heart melt, everytime you said "Ammi,Papa, Ammi..Papa.. while look at our pic. Your favorite chanting at the moment "YaAllahhYa Allahhh Ya Allah" haha..this when you are so amuse with something.

Your new words "Aduhai..taknak aiskrim (yes u looveeee aiskrim), book.. (and u love books too) shoes, juice, eat, anana(banana), ear, nose , sakit. Actually nowadays you tends to copy whatever people said, and done. I am so amuse now that you imitate every single act. From praying.. to eating, any act. You loves to follow. And love to sketch on any books, and easily frustrated to things that not according to your way.. hehe. Sometimes Ammi will be like " Sabar sayang, have to pujuk you a bit" Need to teach him to be more patience.

Anyways hope you will be growing to be a wise man one day, and being a good & soleh person.


Yup.. tell me about it..he park his ride inside the tent.. haha

Pretending to read but actually checking on Papa..