Sahil - First Birthday

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Recently we had this #OOTD moment.. where by everybody in my circle suddenly feeling soo excited of what they are wearing daily... Its started with my friend mak Reen and mak Yan, which showed few pic of theirs #OOTD and they look super great...

Displaying IMG-20131121-WA0006.jpg
See what I mean.. cun kan..

Displaying IMG-20131121-WA0007.jpg

Displaying IMG-20131112-WA0004.jpg
Mak Yan looks great on her first day at new place

And when looking to all friends.. suddenly feeling so inspired of doing the #OOTD my self.. and see what happen

Displaying IMG-20131112-WA0006.jpg
Selipar tak boleh blah okay..

My 2nd attempt for the #OOTD

Not Bad..tapi muka ada kejut skit.. kaka..

Yeah.. clearly need more practice.. and also new wardrobe! Kesian.. I don't have a lot of baju/bags/accessories to do the OOTD with.. huhuhu...

Ok lah ciao bella..


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Happy 13 months my Lil' Sahil

Wow dah 13 months! How times flies so fast..

I still remember at this very moment last year I am still under confinement with tiny little creature on our hand. And used to remember his loudly cries (and it is still loud till now).. Waking up in the middle of the night.. Meragam... Used to  remember Papa  swing him with  only 1 hand...siang tidooo je..

And sekarang...

He is sooooooo cheekyyy.. whenever he sees you if you smile back at him.. he will give you the big grin.. Ngeeeeeee.. which we will melt to see him like that..then whenever he sees people..he will wave to them..and bye bye to them adoih hai..

His latest progress at 13 months :

1. love to walk around house.. or outside.. pantang lepas..laju je lari.
2. Talking.. his Papa noticed he have 3 diffrent ways to show his emotion. Like "lelelele"? more like asking question.. appaa appaa ..appaaa.. explaining things.. if want to show anger... he will squeaking a bit to show his unsatisfied mood.
3. Tet.. every single animal he sees he called them Tet(cat).  And cute babies too. (I think maybe he thinks cat/tet means cute little thingy).. hahaha
4. Playing peekaboo. He likes to do "aumm cak" and laugh at us..
5. Salam gesture..siap cium tangan ..
6. Dah berat.. tapi body takde la nmpk bam bam..tapi bila dukung.. mak ai..
7. Follow orders - this one we just found recently. Papa asked him to take the wallet. And he manage to understand it, and bring to Papa. Of course along the way he will selongkar dulu.. kikiki..
8. Cumi/Kiss Now if you said Cumi with pouty mouth, he will come and kiss you.. (but selected people only) hehehe

What ever it is Sayang.. Ammi and Papa always proud of you no matter what.

Seee.. suka benor tunjuk his big grin.. 

Few months back..

Coming Soon.. to Alam Budiman

Its has been really hectic week.. Especially in this month. With so many projects in mind. My standard day work itself pun dah sangat busy. Now di tambah lak dengan project nak bukak the pc shop nya.. Nak masak and santai2 weekend pon dah tak sempat..ada je halnya..

Since these few weeks we have to do a lot of things.. mencari barang nya.. dengan nak set up kedai nya. So why pc/laptop & accessories selling and repairing? Coz that is our forte. Me and hubby has been involved in the IT related for quite sometimes, like before this we had some partnership in Low Yat, but the competition is too high, and the partnership is not really helping. So, we had decided to pull out from there, and started new, With our own name. We won't regret for the money we spent there, its more towards gaining experience, which is so useful to us now, in setting this new shop.

Since we had a lots of contacts from the Low Yat, so the setting part is not so hard I guess. Alhamdulilah things look smoothly. Now the next step to really starting the business and promote it to people. A bit drawback is the location. Which why I have to think ways of promoting it. Insya Allah.. We will strive for the best. 

We pray day and night, may this journey goes smoothly, and with the wish of providing halal rizq for our family. Actually my other wish to menyenangkan my whole family, esp my mom  yg susah payah bersama we ols... Same goes to hubby's family.. Wish that one day we can bring them here, and let them have the feeling of happiness to be with their son.