Sahil - First Birthday

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Missing him..

Wa..its been awhile I didn't update my blog.. Busy ..busy n personal..all mixed up..and messed up..

Btw, just had web cam session with hubby..showing the new hair...(but its not really new), just some wash n blow thingy....I think he is a bit teruja.. coz suddenly he playing sort of romantic songs as our background music...and talked about how much he is missing me..and the car of coz.... the way he miss his car a.k.a 'sharky'.. like he miss me? and I am like.. "God, you missing me as how u miss your car? he just laughed.. that 'sharky' has been playing really important part in our life..or his life mostly.. its all started there..

oh.. btw.. u guys must be wondered, y its has been called sharky.. let me show you why.. hehehe


(actually thinking of calling it 'thunder cat'.. hahahaha.. but sharky suit it better)kakakaka..
And apart from how badly he miss sharky...we talk about other stuff..n suddenly come 2 little cuties disturbing our web cam session...

 OMG..I forgot how cute they are... makes me missing them so much... and with cute lil voice calling me cha chi (aunty in urdu)..and hamza making puppy face when he wanted to get something from me.. Gosh..really makes me want to buy flight tix and fly there.. (I hv actually check the flight tix) miss them! sob sob..

And I miss my hubby so so much.. Sometimes I don't feel that I have that strength to be apart from him.. I do lost control sometimes..but Allah will not give you this kind of challenge.. unless if you are strong enough to face it..and Insyallah I will..I will always pray that he will be back really soon..Thats my only hope for now.. 

That's all for now..

Btw, hope fully if you guys read this hope can pray for my babah safety, as he just had his angio surgery, and currently recovering.. appreaciate all the thoughts and prayers.. May Allah bless you all..

Huggsss n kisses


Monday, 26 September 2011

Special Dedication..

I have been wanting to create this entry since last week, but too busy with my work plus tender submission is coming.

For those who involved with getting project , gov or glc, u guys will knows the horror of tender preparation. Nak-nak if dah tinggal berapa hari je lagi to the submission date.

Okay, tutup story pasal tender submission, the main reason I want to have this entry, coz I really want to dedicate to the person that I missed the most, arwah Hafyzan Yusoff. (may him rest in peace) . Nak jadi cerita arwah nya birthday plak jatuh on th 18th Sept, so dalam busy2 tu, sempat la dedicate kan few surah untuk beliau.

Seriously, I do miss him...setiap malam teringat kan kat dia.. of coz apart from my loving husband. At least I know my husband is still there for me. Tapi dia? Dia dah terus pergi meninggal kan aku..his best friend. Kadang-kadang terpikir how is he there in alam barzakh. Tengah kena soal ke dia? adakah dia tenang? Sampai ke situ aku terpikir. Astagfirullah.. Tah la.. aku betul2 rasa kehilangan.

Takde dah msg2 yang mengacau tanya buat apa.. Takde dah mengeteh/sushi /papa rich session. Aku sedih sangat. one of our lepak session kitorang pernah cerita pasal mati, tp aku ingat lagi betapa dia tak sukanya aku bercerita pasal death. Reason being bercerita pasal mati tu sebab before that our friend time study just passed away. And tiba-tiba next 2 years dia laks menyusul. Hu hu hu hu

Satu je aku rasa puas bila ingat2 balik apa contribution kecil aku. At least aku paksa gak dia amik insuran in case jadi apa2. Aku puas at least aku berjaya gak memaksa dia yg smtimes agak degil tu.. hu hu hu... aku sayang kat kawan aku ni. For those out there mesti ingat sayang lebey2 laks dia nih. Tapi sayang seorang sahabat, for me tak salah. Sayang seorang sahabat yang pernah merasai suka duka bersama.. And we never knew we can long last till his last breath. :(

Di kesempatan ni.. Sesiapa saja yang membaca entri ni, hope you guys can  sedekah kan sedikit fatihah buat arwah, dan juga kepada mereka yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita. Semoga roh mereka di sisi orang-orang yang beriman... amin.. :'(

Friday, 16 September 2011

Selamat Hari Malaysia & Happy Eid!

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Rasa nya x terlewat utk still ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya to you all...Still in the mood of Raya..& juga selamat Hari Malaysia Semua! 

My days will be as usual... tidoq smpi x hingat dunia, and will be spending the whole day/weekend with friends & families makan2 (musim open house la kata kan)..

Oh.. I am putting a pic of my mom holding the flag coz I find it funny! I never know that my mom is such a patriotic person.. he he he

Oh ya.. yg mcm tok moh tunggu customer tu is my pak long.. dunno what he is thinking dowh..

my other raya/merdeka pic

Salam Aidilftri dari Kami (Keluarga Haji Shamsuddin) kepada anda semua!


Anura Rashid

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Salam & Salute Semua..

I have been wishing to create my own blog.. since terasa diri ini sangat-sangat ketinggalan, when it comes to part blog memblog ni. And when I have got to know my 12 years old cousin pun ada blog sendirik! Tak leh jadi nie.. So nak menjadi part of the blogger statistic, here I am. Dah ketinggalan mak lain dah beribu-riban follower.. Ko baru nak terhegeh-hegeh. X pe lah dari takde kan.. Ko ada?

Tapi aku nk blog memblog ni pun aku mintak izin laki dulu.. Ya lah...kang cerita benda sensitip kang..susah lak kan...

My blog will be all rojak.. Coz I want to make my blog as a place for my luahan rasa. Makna nya suka hati aku la kan nak tulis apa.. he he

But I wont talk much about politics/religion.. tak reti pon nak menceceh part2 tu.. Aku lagi suka menceceh pasal diri sendirik.. Sbb most of people said my life is sort of interesting...ada je kejadian...
kejadian kelakar, akward moment, kejadian pelik..cerita peliks tapi benar..banyak lah!just that aku tak penah merekod kan secara bertulis je..

So here I am now... Hope there are more things to say here later on..

Ciao Bella..

Niggi a.k.a Anura