Sahil - First Birthday

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The delivery story

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been diagnosed with diabetic. So from 7 months onwards, my checkup became very frequent, and additional to that kena jumpa lak diabetic doc. My sweet lovely dr Siti. So till 36 weeks, I thought I am about to deliver, sebab malam tu dah sakit perut memulas.Tapi dalam hati tu lebih terpikir yang aku ni salah makan . But then, dh x tahan sgt, go to emergency. End up admitted due to diarrhea, tp contraction pn sama naik gak. Bila nurse check (dun asked me how she checked, memang rasa nak kasik penendang je) my bukaan tak bukak pun. Admitted 1 night then balik.

38 weeks.
So, a week before doc. has gave an option to me, nak belah terus or nak tunggu sampai dia mai sendirik ke, or nak induce, and give me all sort of effect of choosing each of it.Me kalau boleh nak normal sangat. Then doc said she can't wait til full term, sebab me diabetic,(takut apa-apa kejadian kat baby if tunggu lama-lama, such as pre mature death, cacat and etc), so kira option nk tunggu dia sakit sendiri tu macam tak lah, and she dun suggest for induce, sebab nampak macam I takkan dilate lah, walaupun di paksa. So tinggal lah option C- section. So set lah date bila nak di belahkan perut ni. We choose 3rd Oct, kunon since papa pun birth date pun 3rd Sept (x relevant sangat pun).

At the day itself, memang tak dapat nak lelapkan mata, coz tak boleh nak imagine the procedure. Takut, nervous, semua lah. By 7 smthing, at Sun Med, I was assisted to go to Labour Room, waited there,bagi segala ubat untuk  flush out everything, then pushed to OT. Waited there at the outside of OT, and anasthetic doc came and start masuk jarum. Dah 3 kali dok cucuk-cucuk x lepas-lepas, my hubby dah hangin. Then he kept apologize n at last baru masuk jarum kecik sikit.

Then pushed to OT, diorg dengan pantas nya dah start cocok epidural pulak. (since I choose to awake while they cut me). I can't see the procedure, tapi later when I saw it on some documentary story, gila panjang jarum! Then me dah start lalok and half awake.. I think they start to cut me. They cover my sight from the cutting process. And my hubby hold my hand, and waited beside me. (he said he saw everything on how they cut me, layer by layer, and blood splattered everywhere, gila lah laki aku ni!)

Then, I heard a cry voice, memang sangat loud, and automatically I cried, joyful tears of course. Yang di tunggu-tunggu. So lahir lah baby boy by name of Sahil Rajput Rashid, born 03-Oct -2012 at 11.16 am , 3.63 kg. Tunjuk kt I kejap, then my hubby berlari with the nurse and show it to all family member,a nd azan kan dia. I got like few second glance, and they have it like forever, and my sis in law jadi the photographer yang dengan pantasnya mengupdate kat fb. He he..

First baby pic..

After all settled, I have been pushed to my room, and  by night, drug effect has gone, and I felt the pain. Makan pain killer pon tak jalan. At last mintak injection jugak, legaa.. baby has started being pushed to me, nak feed dia..tapi still terkial-kial.

The next morning, got devastated news, my baby breathing is not doing so well. Doctor dah start give him support machine. Masa tu terus berdebar-debar. People who came,all tak dapat jumpa baby. The next day he being pushed to ICU, lagi I sedih. So on 3rd day, I already have learnt how to walk slowly, and I insisted to hubby nak jumpa baby. So he bring me there to see him. Remuk hati that time seeing baby with all sorts of wires and prong in his nose. He doesn't seems to be stable, but doc keep insisted he is doing fine. I keep holding his hand, head legs, and whispered to him that he will be fine. And burst into tears. And that was my routine for the next few days.

During that time, all sorts of method I can think of to ensure he will recover, I will do, like pressing my milk to sure he is still get his mom's milk, even he is far from his ammi ji. Siap bergadoh-gadoh berebut breast pump (which is so weird private hospital ada 1 je breast pump and brand cikai pulak tu.. sabar je lah).  End up my hubby can't take it, hari tu jugak cari dia breastpump set. Hamik..

On the 8th day, doc already confirmed that he is doing great, and we bring him back home with joy, and can see how he smiled.
Smiley Sahil 
Next story - it is all about him.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Italian Job Part I

This post is about my trip to Italy in this year.

Trip to visit my husband, for 2nd time, and have a great holiday. My journey, overall okay sajok. (except for the Kuwait Airways part yg dah diceritakan dalam post sebelum ni). Masa sampai kat Kuwait Airport, memang sejuk gila, like 6 degrees, cepat-cepat tukar boots.

Then I reached Fiumicino Airport (Rome) around 4pm, and melompat lah aku bila nampak hubby tersayang yg dah 6 bln tak jumpa. Then journey to his place took another 31/2 hours to go. Masa arrived, tak snow lagi, tapi dah kesejukan sangat. This time snow sampai agak lambat. (1st Feb baru turun salji).

This time takde la byk jalan-jalan, since cuaca pon tak membantu sangat. Nak keluar menikmati cappucini and brioche pun terseksa rasa sejuk. Mungkin tak biasa dengan cuaca yang cold and wet and it is so not for me. Memang tak enjoy, but at least pengalaman.

And another place that I never miss to go, is Prada outlet at Saint' el Pidio. This time sampai 3 x trip lah. Mana taknya, it took only 10 mins from our house to the place. Sangat dekat!  He he he.. Sampai sales girl Prada nampak aku je dah gelak-gelak. Borong sampai 5 bag and 4 wallet this time.

Apart from that, nothing much, except for enjoying every moment with my hubby. Kadang-kadang just habis kan masa tengok Soprano Series, or new movie ke. Sambil peluk-peluk. (he he he). Tak pun suka borak-borak kosong about our life, and playing with Hamzah and Zeynab (his friend kids) yang sangat comel.

My life is very routine there, but I enjoyed every second of it. By the time I have to go back, it was one of the saddest moment. I missed every single thing there. The quite life, the husband, the house, the kids, the food. (sob sob..)

It seems like forever..

My God!

I am suppose to update my blog at least once a month... And I leave it since like forever! Especially during my pregnancy.. Patut nya update la kejadian-kejadian sepanjang pregnancy up to my the my confinement. Ni sampai dah almost 3 months dah my baby.. Baru teringat nk update blog? Gessshhh.. C'mon Anura... Mcm mana nk jd femes blogger nih? he he he keep track back what has happened for the past 10 months.. Gossh.. where do we start? I am suppose to talk something about my trip to Italy right? Nothing much happened, ehem ehem (the fact that came back with the news that I am knocked up, takdak apa-apa kunon.. he he he.. It was snow there.. and make things so romantic suddenly.. :P 

Then, of course as you guys knows, Pregnancy all the way.. I think my pregnancy has made me become the laziest human being ever. (Salahkan pregnancy pulak la kan.. ;P). So basically pregnancy story is the highlight  of my story for this year. I will start writing about what I can remembered from my pregnancy, as it still fresh inside my mind. I love being pregnant, but hate the delivery/ confinement part. Kalau boleh nak skip je part tu.

As a mukadimah, I will tell you a bit what had happened so far..Alhamdulilah... along the way I don't have any morning sickness..I thank Allah, as He helped me on that part since that time I was alone during my 7 months of pregnancy... My hubby manage to come back from Italy after that only.. Got little complication on 1st trimester.. kena bed rest for a week..other than that.. okay.

Then the last trimester of pregnancy is became a challenge to me. I think when my hubby is with me, banyak lak kejadian. Firstly, they found out that I have diabetic, and my reading was 14! 14 tu dah tahap bahaya danger dah! And I became a bit frustrated, coz all this while..haven't found any complication..and I did my O&G visit like almost every month. How come now only they found out I had diabetic? Is it was a bit too late? If I know earlier.. confirm dah jaga makan dr awal. Takde la bantai segala durian sumer.. ( oh ya.. I craved for durian during my pregnancy!). So bila tinggal lagi 2 months to go.. they asked me to do the insulin shot, instead of oral medication, since dah terlambat. Hu hu hu.. apa kah?

So can you imagine jabbing yourself with needle 4 times per day? I nie adalah  manusia paling penakut jarum.. but when you can just think of the baby safety.. and that motherly feeling.. all the scary feeling tu you telan je lah. Just suck it up. I have been consulted, kena belajar poking myself with needle.. and all that. Gosh..

Then sampai the delivery day. I think I will write the Delivery story at some other time, sebab macam panjang pulak cerita that part.

My hope after this, that I will write more, to leave this as my memoir.. to whoever wants to read it of coz :).

Ta ta..