Sahil - First Birthday

Monday, 17 March 2014

March 2014 - What a Shocked Month!

Omg.. dah berabuk dah my blog ni.. Suppose to update things esp. related to my lil one.. but caught up with so many things... and the worst part I forgot that he is already 17 months? Dah besar dah busuk Ammi sorang ni.. huhuhu..

Things has been turning upside down for the past couple of months.. with my new role in the Co. that I worked with. Aligned with the busyness of new role.. Nak ber blog ke..ber so sial media ke.. mane la sempat.. Sempat la kot balas-balas whatsapp or update skit kt FB. Apart from that.. haram.... I love my new role.. it just that I never felt overwhelmed about work, and this is considered my 1st time jumping upside down. 

By the way.. speaking of recent things happened..all of us have been shocked with the missing flight news of MH370. #prayforMH370 . Its really shocked and unbelievable at first. But things goes on, with so many speculations and yet the missing flight are yet to be found. I can't imagine myself of being there, or being the relatives or the families of the passenger. I will be devastated. In this state of cautiousness, what I can say is just pray as much as we can, and live the rest to the Greatest. With the recent development of possibility that the transponder has been switched off,or human factor to it,( I can refer to the word hijacked yet, will drive to another speculation). But all I can say there is still hope for us.

And this is so typical us when it comes to social media hu

And of all the craze of MH370, nothing can beat the Raja Bomoh sensational act in KLIA Airport. Such a mockery to us as Muslim, with all the crazy act. And makes all the Parody came out. Such a shame on what others think this as part of Muslim practice? No, this is just some act of stupidity and nonsense...thats it. Nothing to do with religion. With all the remarks the one I can't take when the 'Bomoh King' wants to penampau buaya to Khairi Jamaluddin? Kakakaka...
Kakaka..buaya pun ketakutan..

Another recent things, the haze. #haze. These past weeks the haze became more worst. And sejak join sales team ni mmg 80% of my work kat luar. So memang terasa sangat k.. And since I have been living in the 7th floor apartment, you can smells the smoke from the house. Sesak nafas! And got phobia at night , coz suddenly smells the smoke, and thought the house is on fire. Stress kan?
View from the house...gloomy Saturday..

Water supply being  rationed. I don't experience this yet. More from the friends from other area in Selangor. I guess till now I am still the lucky one, since my area not really affected by that.

Apa-apa pun we should go back to HIM, and with all the unfortunate event that recently happened.. really its time for us to start looking back to ourselves and think .. Ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian.. Always a silver lining .. :)