Sunday, 11 January 2015

Wow! Its already 2015? How time flies...

Happy 2015 Everyone..

Its already 2015, and for the past 1 and half month so many things had happened, me only dok malas nak update. Being busy with the treatment and melayan anak. The thing is everytime I have the niat to update my blog.. everytime ada je la activity, which most of it is sleeping (after the treatment effect kot..hihi)

Anyways, my hope for this year, to be filled with good and great things ahead. Eventhough with my current conditions, and also my dad's health condition as well, I feel positive. Put aside all of your problem, think about what will be next. And redha with the things that come to you, good or bad.

My next vision is to see my son grows well, and to nourish him with full of love. Make sure that I am always there for him. Boleh rasa yang si kecik sorang ni sangat mama's boy. Everything Ammi... tidor pon bawah ketiak Ammi.Sometimes I will just think, now every single thing is Ammi, when he grown up later, forgot everything about Ammi (I hope not). Memang penat to think of it how clingy of him.. especially when the last 2 weeks of MCs. With the tantrum nya, only Allah knows, how tiring it is.

I was crying at 1 point, during my outing with him, just because he was screaming out loud at the restaurant, and wiping the floor. But 1 thing for sure, after I practice to recite the surah Taha to him every night, his tantrum all gone. More calm and relax, with the help of the ustaz as well. Alhamdulillah.

But whatever it is I will Pray hard and the best for our family. May Allah ease the burden that I have carried. Insyallah.