Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sahil's 1st day at School

Yes, it his first day at school today. Yeah, I registered him a bit late coz of I just back from my Umrah, and by the time I am back weeks has gone. So decided to enroll him on Feb.

The thing is.. he is so relax. I couldn't believe he is doing fine. I guess I am overreacted about how he will be in school.. Teacher said he cried a little, I think that when he feel restless or a bit scared of something. But the fact he is behaving so well shocked me. Never underestimate your child. They can be so independence at any point of time, and I really need to let go my Clingy Mom syndrome.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Umrah Story Part II

Sambungan from the previous post...

Some might says.."Ala.. awat yg tak caya dapat pergi Umrah pon.. ada duit pergi lah". Believe me.. its never about the money! You have all the money in the world, but when  your heart is not there.... then it wont happen. Or you don't have much money, but your heart is dying to go there, Allah will give you the way! Which in this case that would be me. Thanks to my brother, and Ukhwah Firdausi Travel for this great opportunity!

It less than a month after my chemo, when I decided to go for Umrah. I don't want to tell my Doc, (takut dia tak berapa kasi I pergi..hi hi). This time my heart says I want it badly, and if anything happened to me, or anything related to my health, I live it to Allah. Mama kind a worried, but she is more excited to see me going.

On the day itself, I am still not fully recovered from my cough n flu. Amazingly, the moment I step in the Madinah Airport, I don't have any of it. And it continues until I came back. Basically I am perfectly healthy. I walked a lot (estimated 800 -1000 calories burned everyday), I did experience some back pain, or pain on legs after finished my Umrah(due to long walking distance), and some tiredness I had when I am fasting and doing tawaf at the same time. But it never stops me. Alhamdullilah. My heart keeps praying for the smoothness of everything, and He grants it!

Continue with our visit to Raudhah on the next day, I heard about Du'a in Raudhah, but can't imagine how its look like, or what should I do in Raudhah per say. So.. I am kind a just followed what our group is doing or directed. And with no understanding of where to go. (my earlier understanding on Raudhah is some place outside Masjid Nabawi like a beautiful garden - Since raudhah means heaven on earth or "taman syurga", later that I know it is another special prayer place in Masjid Nabawi)

Before Raudhah..

It has such a big group of people going to Raudhah, from different countries. It seems they let go all this Middle East Group to go first, then the group from Malaysia and Indonesia.  It is so crowded, with people pushing all over. I keep praying Rabbi Assir wala tu assir.. and it seems smooth to me. When we reached the Raudhah ( I don't know at that time we have reached). People seem to push each other to pray at this specific place,. I was standing there, and not quite understand what's going on. The group of Arabic lady praying and sitting there, and since so many groups of people, and some tends to push people around, I was so worried I might felt in this Arabic group.

Then the Ustazah of our group said, " okay we pray here!", And Datin Fiza told me "We need to pray on green carpet",  I still  don't understand why the green carpet? Later that we know, actually we are praying on it, and I realized that when I first sujud. And then I got to know if you are on the green carpet, its in Raudhah, and the most mustajab place for doa.
Raudhah -Green Carpet, Outside Raudhah - Red Carpet

I was crying all out, and grateful with the opportunity I had at Raudhah.

I don't have really take much photo  in the Raudhah, since need to be careful with the security lady and had been warned by Ustazah, and at that point of time, you just think about your prayer and non-stop Du'a.

After visiting Raudhah.

Outside the Raudhah area

My gang when I am there..

While waiting for others.. me & Datin Fiza...

After Raudhah, we went for shopping outside. And such a funny thing to do bargaining with those sellers. Sampai mengucap everytime we asked for rock bottom price. And everytime sees us.. Malaysia banyak bagus.. Gratis.. Actually they trying to say we are so generous or in other words, "Kaki Shopping"! hahaha...

It is another day in Madinah.. we went for visit to few places in Madinah, such as Masjid Quba' , the first Masjid that Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h built when he first came to Madinah. I had such amazing story here. I had lost from my group since I went to take wudhu'. And its full of people in the Masjid, and need to squeeze yourself in to find a place. And, people start pushing each other so bad that the Arab lady is screaming out loud. I just looked from far, and squeeze myself to other side easily, and the next thing I know I saw my group praying in 1 corner, with large space. I found them! I utilized every single moment to pray in there and sujud syukur. Also crying non-stop..The feeling of humbleness, amazement with His creation, and how I have enjoyed every single moment here. (yeah.. I have been crying a lot since I first step in here).

When we went out, the craziness starts again...pushing each other. Lucky for us, I have saw a Pakistani guy, to give me ways for me and my maks... and he and his friend block others and give us way..Alhamdulilah..

The beautiful view of Masjid Quba'

Beautiful view inside the masjid..
My Adik Sayang..
Then we went to Dates Farm, just to see how it is look like...
You can taste./ makan as much as you want..

I look weird in this pic
 Next, we just passed by the Jabal Uhud, which is a bit upset, since the driver do not want to stop to Jabal Uhud, since we have lost a lot of time at the Dates Farm
Frust..dia by pass ke kat Jabal Uhud..

By pass je..kat area masjid Qiblaitain


And after that we went to some market to buy all this dates and nuts for our frens and family. (sorry no pic)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

My UMRAH Story Part 1

Yes, I had just came back from umrah last Friday.

And this is not something that I have planned, and its all last minute decision. I have prayed to Allah all this while to give me chance to go to Holy Place one day, and I am still feel disbelief how its has been granted, so sudden, so smooth and dipermudahkan. Masha Allah.

When I have decided to follow my brother, (God bless him), its left around 10days to get myself prepared with the journey. I am so scared since I do not know much about Umrah and Hajj, what to do, what to bring? But from here I have left every single thing to Allah, let Him show me the way, and May everything is an ease on me. And I have not telling people, cause I still not too sure about Visa issue, and vaccine and everything. My visa is granted on 28th and I am flying on 29th. Macam tak caya.. tapi bila Allah dah hantar jemputan, segalanya mungkin.

Bermula lah perjalanan kami..

My Kesayangan - yang si Sahil happy lak dia Ammi nk tinggalkan dia. (but actually he don't even cry at all)
Bye bye my kesayangan.. Ammi gonna miss you guys

I have new 'Mak''
Yup..we about to go now

Madinah Airport

The first Pic I had of Masjid Nabawi.. Subhanallah

I can't believed I am here..and the scenery is so beautiful..

The interior that made me go aaaaa...

First selfie in front of Masjid Nabawi..

The ladies entrance

 When I had my first Subuh prayer.. I still feel disbelief with what I have witnessed. In my heart I have said millions of Syukur for giving me the chance of being at this magnificient place. I can't tell how thankful I am. And can't describe the feelings I had, Amazed, Thrill, Excited, Scared, Thankful, Happy, and the experience I had is beyond of any place that I have been so far, nothing compared to this.