Sunday, 20 October 2013

October.. what a busy month!

Dah nak end of October, what a busy month for me! Nak update pasal birthday my baby pun tak sempat.. With work and with the shop that about to open in 10 days time... with Raya and stuff.. and dalam kesibukan tu dapat pula berita pemergian my Anjang. Arwah Zainab Haji Shamsudin,(al Fatihah to her)..

Update skit on my Payo's Bday Party and House Warming, it was simple and sweet.

We started our kenduri with Qasidah and doa kesyukuran from my sis's frens punya group....

Adik-adik berqasidah..
Minion Cookies! Comel sangat kan? 

Sayang nak ngap.. tq to naziha @nksbakingwithlove 
Rainbow cake from K As... tq sangat-sangat..

Rainbow Cake by my dearest fren Emi.. can order from her ..

The Sweet Treats Station..
Birthday Boy n Kak Dhiya (My kesayangan...)

K Dhiya smpt possing..

He was laughing  when we sang him the song.. excited

Long time bff

Cake Cutting Time... terkezut tak Papa Sahil dah botak.. hehehe

Long time bff.. kayla n mummy yg dtg jauh from US.. tak sempat nak playdate with Kayla..huhu

Basically it was fun and sweet thing ... my only regret.. tak dapat nk take pic with my siblings yg sgt bertungkus lumus for the majlis... HUHUHU..

Later nak hapdate on the new shop that we are currently working on... which really hope this will be the start for us.. Doakan semua nya berjalan lancar.. Ameen..

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Letter to Anak Bujang Ku..03/09/2013

Assalamulaikum Sayang Ammi ...

Today you are turning 1 year old.. oh sayang.. time runs so fast. I wish if we can have some stop button. So that I can have more time just look at you while you asleep and cumi (kiss) you like crazy.. And all the memory still fresh in our mind.. Like how Ammi heard your cry for the first time... and how tiny you are that time.. How we' ve through all the hardship and heard you a bit unstable ..that I wish to Allah to save you... and give me and the whole family a chance to love, nurture you with all our heart.


You are our precious,  our gem, kasih sayang cinta Ammi and Papa. Ammi might not be the best mom in the world, but I have always wish and strive to provide the best to you, apa yang Ammi and Papa termampu. Ammi always with work, but whenever I had time with you, I tried my best to spend the best of it with you.

Just to see you giggle and do that smiling cheeky face, Ammi tenang dah. With all our heart, kasih sayang Ammi that Ammi can't even imagine that Ammi could love someone that much. More than myself. My wish to see you grow up as a man with great values. Love your Allah, and Rasul..  and everything will come to your way Sayang.

To tell you the true..  Allah give me hidayah through you.. I want to be a better person, to serve Allah, when I sees you. And our journey is still far Sayang. I always pray to Allah to provide us the chance to raise you as a man with great values.


You are blessed by surrounding, with all these people who loves you so much.. Remember that. Respect them truly. Especially, Omma..who troubling herself to be part of your life.And to your uncles and aunties, tok bah and kak dhiya. Who always there to be part of your life. They loves you unconditionally.

To your other side of family. They haven't got the chance to see you.. but InsyaAllah one day. They will adore you, my sayang... InsyaAllah..

Doa Ammi, semoga anak ammi menjadi anak yang baik, soleh.. dan Ammi akan berusaha untuk mendidik anak Ammi.. itu janji Ammi ...

Okay Sayang,

Hope you have fun later on this coming Saturday. We plan to have a small party for you. Just to show our gratitude and kesyukuran sangat for all this blessing.

Don't get Sugar Rush.. penat Ammi nanti.. Well what the heck.. once a year je pun Ammi allow you to have all you can eat candy buffet.. hahahahaha..

Sayang dia sangat-sangat

Ammi Ji.
Stay cheeky like this okay sayang? hehehe
My cheeky 1 year old baby..

If I had a girl.. my daughter may look like this..hehe..