Saturday, 22 October 2011

Missing him..

Wa..its been awhile I didn't update my blog.. Busy ..busy n personal..all mixed up..and messed up..

Btw, just had web cam session with hubby..showing the new hair...(but its not really new), just some wash n blow thingy....I think he is a bit teruja.. coz suddenly he playing sort of romantic songs as our background music...and talked about how much he is missing me..and the car of coz.... the way he miss his car a.k.a 'sharky'.. like he miss me? and I am like.. "God, you missing me as how u miss your car? he just laughed.. that 'sharky' has been playing really important part in our life..or his life mostly.. its all started there..

oh.. btw.. u guys must be wondered, y its has been called sharky.. let me show you why.. hehehe


(actually thinking of calling it 'thunder cat'.. hahahaha.. but sharky suit it better)kakakaka..
And apart from how badly he miss sharky...we talk about other stuff..n suddenly come 2 little cuties disturbing our web cam session...

 OMG..I forgot how cute they are... makes me missing them so much... and with cute lil voice calling me cha chi (aunty in urdu)..and hamza making puppy face when he wanted to get something from me.. Gosh..really makes me want to buy flight tix and fly there.. (I hv actually check the flight tix) miss them! sob sob..

And I miss my hubby so so much.. Sometimes I don't feel that I have that strength to be apart from him.. I do lost control sometimes..but Allah will not give you this kind of challenge.. unless if you are strong enough to face it..and Insyallah I will..I will always pray that he will be back really soon..Thats my only hope for now.. 

That's all for now..

Btw, hope fully if you guys read this hope can pray for my babah safety, as he just had his angio surgery, and currently recovering.. appreaciate all the thoughts and prayers.. May Allah bless you all..

Huggsss n kisses