Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Restless weekend.

It is been awhile since the last update.. And usually memang sangat busy. This week je macam okay skit. 

In less than 2 weeks my lil Payo is turning to 2years old. Takde plan yang gah sangat this year. Plan nak bawak makan-makan and watching him have fun. Tapi dok pikir till now thinking what will be the best plan. Dok usha sana sini.. I really wished for the barbeque by the pool with family and close friend. Tapi mana nak carik pool nya. My apartment area ada lah pool, but they don't really maintain it well ... Haih..pening pikir. Pusing kepala mak..

By the way.. speaking about that guy. He is growing so fast, and being so cheeky. But he has his own mood. If things not according to his, memang masak la..be prepared with his tantrum. Noticed that if he is not enough sleep, he will be cranky like no body business. Last week that is what happened, during the Playgroup session. 

It his 1st playgroup. First 15 minutes can see that he is following and observe carefully. Then he start to get cranky.. Especially when I try to make him stand still. The next 1 hr plus is me struggling or you can called it 'wrestling' with him to get him in the playgroup. I was up and down running, in and out and he is crying out loud like nobody business. At 1 point he was screaming out loud to the level that teacher's voice was sanked by his loud cry. I can sense some pityness in some of parents look when they look at me like that. It was very challenging. 

Then after the session finish I called up my hubby and mama to mengadu about him, and he is aware that I am talking about him, and close his face. A minute later, pengsan! Then I realized, he is tired actually, since around 11.30 - 12 pm tu his nap time, tapi sebuk nak hantar pi class la kan. Padan la muka Ammi. Next time make sure dia tido kejap at least.. Takde la cranky mcm monster... Haih anak.

Ok.. curious with the Teacher..

Story telling time. - ok..still behave

Still Bertahan..

ok..dah start bgn dah..

Done! I am off now..

Will try again next week. But I will be more cautious la this time. Make sure he is up and ready for the class.. Huhu. The big improvement I can sense after the class, He start to listen. Usually is so hard for me to get his attention. It depends on his mood. But this time when I tell him " Please put your food on your plate, ok Sahil" . Immediately he response "Ok Ammi". I was shocked. Because usually he just being look at me, or just ignore me totally.

I want him to be more courteous to others, esp his rakan sebaya.. Since he is only spend time with my mom je..Apart from doa and hope.. kena usaha gak..

And last but not least..I am hoping for him to be a good person for dunia and akhirat.


Ammi Sahil