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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Journey to Middle East (Amman Jordan)

It has been awhile I don't write anything here. I am so caught up with so many things. And the reason I am here now since I just recently came back from Amman Jordan for some Partner Conference, sent by my current Employer. So this thread is more about my journey to Jordan.

I think this year considered as my Middle East Travel year, since at first I was travelled to Makkah/Madinah and then now to Amman, Jordan. Oh! can count Dubai as well, since we have spent 6 hours for shopping at Dubai Airport. (he he).

My flight this time with new Emirates #A380, and you know how jakun am I to see the new flight and spacious seats. And the best part when I saw all the new list of movie. (Memang tak tidor malam lah) the Revenant okay..

Some people asked, why not so many people on board? but actually the flight was full.
 It just that we are the first to  go in. he he..

Captured by this nice steward, who asked me to do some silly face.

Dubai Airport

Always feel pampered with Emirates

I am always amazed with this view...

My partner in crime is Yati, She has planned to get the guide for our visit in Jordan. And when we reached there, there was this guy already waited for us at the airport to bring us around. His name is Hakimi, and the first visit in his Itenary is to the Dead Sea. I just follow along and had this incident when we reached there. There was a police blocking, and while I took the scenery pic along the dead sea, I took these police pic with Peace sign and saying Cak! to them. Then, our tour guide told us the police followed us and can see from the rear window asking us to stop.Then asked "Someone take pic, I want to see" Oh s**t.. is it a crime now, taking police pic? Then he took my phone..scroll few times.. and delete the pic. He is friendly, which makes me feel better, and asked when I reached and asked about the pic I took. and then told us to enjoy our stay here. Adoih. macam-macam. Myself ni ada je kejadian.. he he

Dead Sea

Can see the Israel border from here.

After dead sea, we went to Ashabul Kahfi Caves (Caves of the 7 sleepers) , and it is almost Zuhr. We take the chance to perform the prayer while waiting for the Caves entrance to be opened. It was amazing, to be there and to learn about the history that is mentioned in Al-Quran. It such a blessing to have the chance to view all this.

Masjid at the Ashabul Kahfi

The Caves entrance

The grave of the 7 sleepers..

Some of the artifacs

Me wearing this smelly robe ( since I was wearing some pants, andpants are not allowed here)

Add caption

Overall view in Amman city, their geographic are mostly hills and mountain

I love mint tea

Jordanian Special Delicacy - Mansah 

Kabsah Chicken 


Shopping and selfie...
with Our Tour Guide..adik Hakimi..

Yeah..the Arab guy has the most fun here.. since we spend most of the money here..

Soo fresh..

Their cocktail juice... by the street.

Our place for next few days.

Then our conference started. I have noticed a lot of things here about the culture and the people here. 1.They are such a beautiful people man,woman both. And the women wear make up all the time, like even their cleaner looks pretty and wear make up,
2. They are modenized, similarly like Malaysia
3. Their food is too salty. Every. single. thing. I just had enough with salt.
4. They are friendly.
5. The living cost is extremely high here. 1 jordanian dinar - almost RM 6!

Pose before the conference

The representative from Malaysia

Me in action!

Our Lunch

It was so cold this time..

The Asian team

Token of appreciation

Love this Pic..

The 2nd day Conference  - the Lad is from Korea.

Some silly game during break time..  :)

Yati sambung shopping...haha

Test Posing before the comapany dinner

Its all girls table, and somehow people got attracted to come and took pic here

With the Fouder and CEO of Eastnets - Hazem Mulzim

Bye bye Jordan

Last selfie..