Sunday, 1 June 2014

Halloo hallooo halloo..Happy 20th Months Sayang..

Omg.. it's been awhile.. and to be frank I am totally forgot that I have a blog to update. Aiyoyo.. what happen. Now I tell to my self that I will at least update once a week? (ehehe.. we will see..)

I can't believed my little sahil will be at his 20 months in just few days! Shocked? do I.. how time flies.. Looking back to his recent and old pic.. I was like wow.. so fast.. And yet he suprised me everyday with his new thing.
His Early days.. (so different)

Around 3 months this.. time flies..

Recent development?
He understand emotion, words and instruction. For example..there is 1 day I listened to John Legend's song, All of me.. and being so lovey dovey with romantic mood on inside the car. And he can turn his mood as well. Being romantic., kissing my hand., and looking to my eyes deeply. I felt like "Gosh, this little one,and kiss him and my eye teary a bit., and.. he is in tears too. Omg... hahaha. romantik abis anak Ammi nih!

He lovesss to be with people. Always want to make new friends, regardless how big/small is the person. And for girls, he loves calling them baby? (err.. baby? sudah nak jadi player kah? Haha). And he will easily get bored, when if it is just me and him at the playground. He really wants some company of his age. What shall I do? hu hu.. Thinking of putting him with some playdate session. Okay, need to get some friends with similar age of his to get start.. But who.. thinking.. or go to some preschool session? (Is it too early?) Yeah.. just something that can make him excited with friends. Takde lah asyik kawan with Adult like me and his Omma.. he he..

Recently...Boring la Ammi..