Sahil - First Birthday

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Eid Mubarak 1435 & Maaf Zahir Batin

It has been weeks passed since Eid Mubarak, and we celebrate it modestly, even baju pun sepasang je this year.  Cukup lah, sekadar anak yg meriah. We try to maintain the color theme for the Eid celebration, tapi terlari jugak. 

Peace Yo!


Tunggu turn bersalaman

Oma Kesayangan

Both garang face

Anak Papa! (Hidung Ammi) :P

Itu lah padahnya bila masing2 beli sendirik-sendirik. Takpe lah, next year we will try to be more sedondon dondondondon don. Hehehehehehehe

I have got the allergy on the 1st day of Raya, which makes me lying down on bed most  of the time, and don't even realized the time flies so fast that we don't even take a proper family potrait with Papa, or Oma, and others. Still a bit regret when to think of it. Just got some few pic of little one being cheeky. Okay lah, at least something dari takde langsung.. huhuhuhu.
Anak sapo lah ni

huk aloh.. cass ensem ke nak? :P

Then the next day dah nk balik dah, and my lil sweet payo pulak got the allergic, (some insect bite maybe). And by night it getting worst. It is so weird that every time balik kampung he will get that. Dunno from where. Stress di buat nya...
1st kena bite, tak effect lagi mata.

The very next day!!! Hadoih haih

Budak sakit dah terbaring je.. huhu
By the way, this little one already 22 months, in 2 months time will be 2 years! Time flies so fast! Noticed that he is one strong willed child. When he decided not to do what you asked him to do, he will not do it unless if he wants to.. Dasat kan, I am soo worried sometimes, tak nak dia jadi degil and disrespect others, esp. his family. 

Apart from that he is one chatty baby. Eventhough we don't understand a single word sometimes. It is like he got lost in translation or something. Oma talking to him in Malay most of the time, with her own pelat way. Me will be mixing the Malay and English, and Papa will be mixing between Punjab or Urdu and English? Which one to follow? Confused I guessed, he made up his own language.

My little Angel. never get enough of him..