Monday, 6 February 2017

Happy New Year 2017.

Day 18 2017.

It has been mix feeling leaving the year 2016. A lot of things had happened, the ups and down, the good and bad. THe great and not so great things.

But I have learned a lot throughout the journey, and first important lesson I have learned :

1. Only you should define yourself, not other people
Rather than worries about what people think about you, you should just think about your own feelings. Don't care about what other thinks about you. Even if it came from your family. If they don't support you or condemned the choice you made just because they feel that should be the way, as long as things are good according to Islam or law, its your choice. Just because you think the ideal of marriage is to be with your spouse 24-7, doesn't mean it suits to others, or if the person is single, is her/his choice to be sing Respect other people choice. Not condemn . Kapish?

2.  Don't judge.
When you starts to judge, you start to feel that you are way better than others. Stop doing that. We are no better than other people.
Stay humble, grounded. Sometimes a simple smile or Hi to Pak Guard also will make your day.

Don't Gossip, Jaga Aib
Don't simply share things that you are not too sure how thruthful is the source. And viral it, try to check the source. Zaman fitnah ni kena byk jaga2.

3. Think of  doing more Kindness & Goodness
Always think of ways of doing good. I always inspired from these people, Syed Azmi, Mr Kuan, Raja Shamri, to name a few, on their dedication to serve the community, by giving more of themself to other. Charity work, volunteerism. I need to do more of this.

Hope this will be applied in this 2017.

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